34 thoughts on “Fine Fail

    1. Nigel

      Only morons don’t know how advertising works. Because it’s so fascinating and wonderful and a blessing in all our lives and we all wish to understand the richness and complexity that it brings to our existence.

  1. Medium Sized C

    Yeah. That or shoving your name in front of people who are looking for your competitors didn’t stop being a good idea around the time your useless power hungry bum joined ógra whichever.

  2. Fairhill

    Imagine Fianna Fáil the worst car crash government in the history of the state is the best hope for change against the current crop of corrupt, trough snorting incompetents
    Let’s keep the fantasy recovery for billionaires going

    1. ahjayzis

      That’s not a hope for change. If 2011 thought us anything it’s that you can rotate the two F’s all you like, the government does not change.

  3. Scraib

    Everyone does this in online ads. If you search for Firefox for example paid ads for Chrome will appear and probably vice versa. It’s not a new tactic but it is reasonably effective.

  4. Custo

    That twitter thread shows exactly why politics in this country will never change. Sniping, point scoring, whataboutery & childish insults.

  5. irishstu

    Ogra Fianna Fail’s twitter banner still has a typo on the word ‘Sustainable’ despite being told about it months ago.

    1. RockyRoader

      It’s a play on “Susa” the student grants online system.
      You’re welcome.

      (Not aFFiliated, fyi. Just bored.)

  6. Eoin

    Maybe Fianna Fail and Fine Gael can form a new government. They can merge the parties into one and rename it Fianna F*** You!

    1. manolo

      I tried it about 10 times on the mobile. It works really well as long as the search is for “Fianna Fáil”. It doesn’t work on the pc. A great way to find FG’s website when you need it.

  7. KirkenBrenner

    Are the “young” versions of political parties solely focussed on sniping, one-upmanship and general childishness or do they actually serve a purpose other than an outlet for entitled little turds?

  8. RT

    As someone who works in a digital advertising agency, I’m surprised more parties aren’t using competitor bidding like this on Google AdWords!

    I also doubt the parties have registered their trademarks with Google, so if not FG could use FF in the ad copy to directly attack FF if they wished (See the Ryanair/eDreams case as to how competitor bidding can be really effective and the use of trademark terms in Google Ads)

    My only other question – are any parties using Bing Ads?!

    1. Fairhill

      Or if you have clicked too many times from the same IP it stops showing It to you only and stop you costing the bill payer money. Otherwise your competitors could sit and cost you money all day?

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