41 thoughts on “I Thought I Saw A PewDiePie

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    Ok. Aren’t teenagers PewDiePie’s main audience? And don’t LJG’s videos mainly revolve around him drinking beer? If LJG is linking up with PewDiePie, does that mean he recognises that his “humour” mainly appeals to teenagers? If so, wouldn’t it be safe to say he’s glamourising alcohol for teenagers? Is this finally a good reason for the internet to forget he exists?

      1. kbot

        Leather Jacket Guy is the greatest load of poo I’ve ever witnessed on the internet, and dropping PewDiePie’s name (who I also dislike) is just a shameless marketing ploy to get more views. I wonder if PewDiePie has any knowledge of such the video.

    1. joj

      Maybe if your some puritan devout catholic who gets offended at nothing, I don’t like LJG’s madcap brand of humour, but everything youve written there is nonsense

  2. ahjayzis

    I literally can’t watch any of his videos because his totes awks smirk makes me feel violent.

    Any good? Worth watching audio only?

  3. Murph Mikey

    Why is BS promoting this “leather Jacket Guy” as the new must see thing? He is terrible….please stop.

    1. Gers

      Seems its gonna force down our throat for another while. This is the type of “fake success” that makes me laugh. That video is right down the alley of PDP I guess, although PDP is way way worse.

  4. Joe cool

    So, instead of a weekly post, Russell Brands cheap 0ff cuts gets a daily post?? what is going on? free beer for everyone or something

    1. ahjayzis

      Awh stop hun e’s only dedly hun duz b mad crak hun i do be watchn him al d day long wen im in wrk anal. xxxx

  5. Evey

    How can I choose between two such stunners lol! LJG or Felix hmm wats a girl to do.
    I know, “Felix” my flaps first, LJG can have an go next ha ha


  6. Conor

    Please please please f&*k off back into whatever god forsaken hole you came from. Close to giving up on Broadsheet if I see any more of this fodder.

    1. Always Wright

      Please enlighten us. What do you think LMOA stands for? It couldn’t be a typo because you (and so many of this idiot’s other ‘fans’…) do it all the time.
      Let Me Orgasm Alone?
      Leaving My Original Address?
      Lacking Mature Observational Abilities?
      Licking My Own Arse?
      Leather-jacketed Moron Offends All?

  7. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I stopped playing these videos a while ago.
    I gather from the comments that they’re still all the same as they ever were, as they always will be..

    Lissen to me, pleeeeasssee…

    Leave it for a day or two.
    Resist the urge.
    Allow all the ‘Evey’s, ‘Rowsdower’s and ‘Smallhen’s to have their say.

    DON’T respond to it.
    Kill it to death.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      ‘Suck it of it’s oxygen’ is the prhase I was trying to think of.
      …but you knew that, right?

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