I Want My MP7



The MP7 sub machine gun

“The GRA are stating clearly and unambiguously this morning that we don’t have the resources and we’re seeking immediately for the introduction for the RSU in the Dublin metropolitan region – now that has been sought for a long time by the GRA..

.[The RSU] is a regional support unit. They’re an armed unit, constantly there 24/7, they’re ready to respond to instances like these.

Now we’re also looking for the immediate reintroduction of the MP7 sub machine gun for the DDU and return of the Uzi sub machine gun on, until the the MP7 is introduced, that was taken away in 2012, that hasn’t been replaced. The MP7 gives better protection and accuracy for the members using them.”

Dermot O’Brien, pres of GRA, on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland earlier.


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This morning.

The body of Eddie Hutch Snr, brother of former crime boss Gerry Hutch, is removed from his home on Poplar Row, Ballybough, Dublin where he was killed last night in an apparent reprisal for Friday’s Regency Hotel shooting.

Last night: Meanwhile in Dublin

Yesterday: ‘They seemed Very Calm And Collected’

Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews

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27 thoughts on “I Want My MP7

  1. Condescending Nana

    I saw plain clothes cops last weekend with Uzi, they clearly do as they want with their armoury despite the bans,

  2. Condescending Nana

    also donuts gobbler there might want to get his people on the street to work instead of having entire families of “known to the gardai” scum roaming free for years unchecked, dismissive of citizens reports because fearful of pissing off the gangs, it is your job to arrest this scum it is not to sit on your fat ass playing with pulse and braying like a donkey because you don’t get overtime. As you were.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    I await the conspiracy theorists who’ll no doubt be on to say that the last photo used above is an intentional effort to draw an association between this shooting and Sinn Fein / Mary Lou….

    wait for it….

      1. ollie

        “intentional effort to draw associations with Friday’s Regency killing.”
        Do you mean the RTE news report that stated that the gunmen were dressed in paramilitary uniforms?
        Or Enda Kenny asking Adams if the guns used were the same as those used by the IRA (or if they were the same as the other 100 million made?
        Or the story that CIRA claimed responsibility getting blanket news coverage while the CIRA denial went almost unmentioned
        Or Alan Kelly accusing “subversives” of threatening to kill him

        Fine Gael and Labour really are on the ropes.

  4. Funster Fionnanánn

    Let’s get real.

    If you gave them rocket launchers they wouldn’t want to use them. Who would?

    Not worth the paperwork.

    Let the gangs kill each other, it’s worked so far.

    1. nefD6

      Yeah, let them at it. Tough poo to those stuck in the middle of it or those who may be killed due to mistaken identity or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. /s

  5. Eoin

    Maybe is Shatter hadn’t seen fit to close the police stations Gardai would be better positioned to respond to crime? The big police station opposite the Regency hotel was closed two years ago. Perhaps that’s why the Regency Hotel killers were so brazen and fearless? The blood is on your hands Mr Shatter.

  6. D'oh

    I would say the Gardai knew something was going to go down at the Regency, but why send a Gardai into harms way to protect a known gangster and potential start a gun battle that causes more deaths.

      1. D'oh

        Well the hitmen only hit gangsters didn’t they !
        if cops were there to return fire, with pistols against Kevlar vest\helmets and AK’s I’m guessing then there would have been innocent victims. Lesser of two evils really.

        1. LW

          This approach really places the burden of public safety on the hitmen, it seems to be a popular response under these stories, but it’s exceptionally stupid

  7. Fergus the magic postman

    They need to send out that baton hero from the other day. He’ll sort everything out with his enthusiasm & ability to use his own initiative, not to mention his stunning baton wielding skillz, & his slight-of-hand-tastic ability to take off his number badge when required. He’ll have the gangs surrendering to the law in no time.

    This is a job for dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner… BATon-MANNN!!!

  8. poppy

    Gangland is all about drug suppliers, investing ill gotten gains in property and businesses. ( supported by corrupt accountants and solicitors and bankers). Last year Indonesia executed a british and australian man for bringing in heroin into their country. Pleas from both prime ministers fell on deaf ears. We are way too soft in this country……only yesterday a crazed drug user pinned a garda against his patrol car , breaking his legs and left garda paralysed. And he got 7 years for that. Id have given him 25 years. There is absolutely no deterrent from our justice system.

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