Pushing The Envelope


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Annie West writes:

“Promotional leaflet from [Fine Gael TD] John Perry. Handy the way it allows you to see who it’s from before you laugh hysterically at the facts and figures contained therein carefully read it.”

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15 thoughts on “Pushing The Envelope

  1. bertie blenkinsop

    Every time I see his posters I sing
    “Well, I’m like John Perry, I’m very
    On, rock the microphone, and then I’m gone “.

    I hope it passes.

  2. Tish Mahorey

    Party political electioneering using Oireachtas property? That’s a breach of rules.

    It’s using public property to promote a political party’s election manifesto.

      1. ollie

        It’s also a breach of the Data Protection Act, although a man who fiddles his mileage and owes Danske Bank €2.5 million isn’t going to be too concerned.
        Any fines he gets can be paid by his €38k a year parliamentary assistant, aka his wife.

        Meet you at the parish pump Mr Perry?

        1. neil

          What is the breach? Address data presumably coming from the electoral register which is provided to candidates for electoral purposes, no?

    1. Panty Christ

      Probably stuffed by a blueshirt staffer and posted on perry’s behalf from Leinster house just to dirty him up a little but more than FG are themselves. Degenerates.

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I got one too, from my old pal Pat Rabbite.
    I used to vote for him. Then I found out that isn’t a real rabbit. He’s just a normal bloke pretending to be a rabbit. He lies quite a lot, apparently..

    Anyway, before he bothered to introduce himself he bade me farewell, and asked me to consider his mates in the Leperous Party, or something similar.
    I don’t know what he’s talking about.
    The Left he left behind is all gone Sinn Féin ’round here.

    Hey, wait a minute…
    Pat, Pat…
    I just thought of a political party you haven’t been a member of yet.
    There’s probably a pension in it…
    No. listen…

  4. Truth in the News

    All posted while he was a TD couple of days before the Dail was dissolved
    he will probaly get away with it, but he won’t avoid the electorate and their
    wrath…..We need to know what is the exact position about his business dealings
    Danske Bank.

  5. Colm Doyle

    I can’t be the only one who looked at him peeking out of the envelope and thought “HEEERRRRREEEE’S JOHHNNY”

  6. TheQ47

    He does this exact same thing every election, I never get any other mail from him except at election time. Every time I complain to the SIPO, but it still happens each time. As soon as I get his years missive, I will complain to SIPO again, for what it’s worth.

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