Strictly Mayo


Samantha Libreri tweetz:

Dancing at the crossroad. Gerry Adams dances with Mayo candidate Rose Conway-Walsh in Killasser, Mayo.

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14 thoughts on “Strictly Mayo

  1. Shayna

    The ‘Bould’ Gerry’ is a practizing Naturist. It’s not generally known, however, in an election year, I feel I can reveal ‘his truth’. I’m a Naturist, myself, as is Gerry. H-Block, being washed with a power hose after all those years, naked – maketh the man?. He was stripped naked, blind-folded, dropped from a helicopter, he’ll be okay.. . Terrible dance, you say? He’s not a great dancer, but he went to all the Antrim Football matches (not that many) in the Ulster Championship.

  2. Burt

    Dancing at the crossroads . Ambushed at the crossroads . This clip should be skated for eternity. We have the cheek to laugh at American politicians….

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