A Man’s Right To Choose



“These men want to control a woman’s body and they think they can because we [men] are not making it an issue”

Darragh McGreal, Seanad candidate (NUI panel) explores assorted General Election 2016 issues, such as men and the Eighth Amendment (above) in an ongoing series of short, snappy and frank video messages.

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33 thoughts on “A Man’s Right To Choose

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    No, no, no no….

    Let’s NOT ask them to concede.
    Let’s TELL them that their hearts will be broken to a further extent and they’ll be poorer in their hearts and minds if they don’t adopt and follow your Master’s agenda..
    Like sheep.

    Let’s remind them instead them that your paymaster is redundant in their attitudes, and that although the alternatives are short on the ground and remiss in their alternatives…they’re still a bloody sight better than the same old same old.

    You think the ‘same old same old’ belongs to my side.
    It doesn’t.

    YOU invented it.
    I will smack you with it.

    These Fuppers, who profess the lesser of two evils make me fupping sick.
    -Choose the one that DOES NOTWORK, or try the one that might,
    (Attach bombs and bullets, according to preference.)

    To do it at a time like this is a bit comical.
    It shows your real capacity.

  2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Wait a minute…
    I was in Shinnerbot mode there.

    I still didn’t do anything wrong or I’d have been censored.
    -Isn’t that the beauty of it all?

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I know I keep asking this same question, but ‘What thread am I on?’

    If you have a pair of boots in your closet, take them out.
    Let someone feel them, with ferocity.
    In the hole.
    -Like you were never going to wear those boots again.

    Heart and sole.

  4. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    This is NOT how to find a ‘girlfriend’, boys who’s name begins with a ‘D’.

    You might find a girl. I doubt it.
    If she isn’t already a bloke she will dominate you and your life until you cop yourself on and dump her.
    It will cost you a fortune, and you’ll be f***ed, but not in the way you payed for without a receipt.

    Check downstairs before you kiss.
    -Just sayin’…

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Domnnaill, Darragh and Dillon, Diarmud, Darby O’Gill and Deco.
      -Youze are awl awful thick.
      -Lissen 2 me if ye want yer hole. I know a bloke girl.

      Blindfold €2 extra.

  5. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    This is My thread now.

    I’ve forgotten what it was about, and I don’t care.
    In fairness I’d suggest that it gets posted again tomorrow.

    If only you idiots had the same sensibility about LJG…

    But that would be too much to ask.

    1. manolo

      Except, of course, when the man wants the same rights as the woman: the right to decide to not become a parent* so man takes same legal position as a sperm donor.

      *for the purpose of this exercise, suppose an accidental pregnancy in spite of caution taken, consensual relationship. woman decides at early stage (4-8 weeks) of pregnancy to carry on, while man decides not to.

          1. manolo

            No, I have no documented evidence that a majority of women of childbearing age would choose to give themselves a right to choose, but it does sound quite intuitive to me that they would.

  6. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    It’s NOT a man’s choice, under any circumstance.
    It never has been. It never will be.

    Get over it boys.

    1. seanie88

      It IS not a man’s choice but conservative men in power have kept the choice away from women from too long this is a republic in its centenary year.. or is it?

  7. Eamonn Clancy

    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, does the unborn at 1,3, 5, 7 months (tick any box you want) have any right to life? This is what confuses me. I agree women should have access to abortion but I also feel that the unborn must have some rights too.

    1. manolo

      I think you are touching on the point that concerns most people: at what stage does it go from a woman with a bunch of cells in her uterus to two individuals with rights. My wife thinks 3 months. I think it is somewhere between 3 and 4 months – I am talking about legalised abortion with little or no restrictions. As for the other issues like suicidal ideation and health risks for the mother, it might not be so clear cut.

  8. Termagant

    The issue is one of the fundamental meaning of life. At what point does it go from being a bundle of cells to being a person? At what point does it change from retarding cell growth to killing a being? You’re basically just cells, can I make you cease to be, is that all right with you? Can you, with complete authority, tell me that to do so would be morally wrong? Are we angels wrapped in meat or are we squishy robots operating on emergent programming?

    I don’t know the answers to these questions so I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it, probably.

    1. classter

      One way of looking at it is the point at which the foetus could survive outside the womb.

      This is why term limits are often set at somewhere between 20-25 weeks.

  9. Termagant

    I mean, hypothetical, I shrink down like Dennis Quaid in Innerspace (1987) and I travel inside you, do I have no right to life simply by virtue of being contained by you?

  10. classter

    I reckon if he was a medical doctor rather than the holder of a PhD, Broadsheet would have referred to Dr. Darragh rather than Darragh.

    An interesting editorial choice.

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