5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Sceilig Mhichíl

  1. H

    Are they actually filming now or putting the film together, seems like the latter – who in their right mind would want to film on the Skelligs in February, they’d be freezing!

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I believe it is the latter. They are finished filming on Skellig Micheal…. but I was down that way a couple of weeks back and they were getting ready for filming a few of miles outside Dingle town, location unknown, or so I was informed.

  2. bigdave

    As far as I know, after they’d filmed the scene on Skellig Micheal for Episode VII during the summer they returned in the Autumn to film some scenes for Episode VIII. Hence the above footage… they are just starting to shoot the rest of it now. Also they won’t be shooting on location on the Skelligs any more, it’ll be recreated in studio from now on…

  3. bananax

    “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode vIII, just one moment while I kick this nesting bird square in the face and then drag my camera through an ancient stone wall”.

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