Dead Presidents


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Photographer Patrick Joust’s images of 40 gigantic, 3 tonne busts of American presidents mouldering away in a field on a private farm in Virginia.

Originally commissioned as the centerpiece of Presidents Park – a ten acre site in Williamsburg opened in 2004 and shut six years later on foot of poor attendance.

Redolent of similarly apocalyptic symbols of human folly and simian demagoguery seen, for example, in Planet of The Apes.

Or Donald Trump’s campaign. 

More here.

READ ON: How 43 Giant, Crumbling Presidential Heads Ended Up in a Virginia Field (Smithsonian)


3 thoughts on “Dead Presidents

  1. Truth in the News

    Ship them over they would make ideal centerpieces in the middle of roundabouts
    or better still get hold of the pattern moulds they were cast from, we could start making them, ideal business opportunity for CRH….indeed we could start casting
    our own breed of local political “heros”.

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