36 thoughts on “Elevenses

        1. george

          No it is illegal under data protection law for a business to tell a third party who their customers are without the consent of the customer.

          1. george

            “Data controllers in both the public and private sectors should be aware that, unless they have good grounds for making their customers’ names available to third parties, they are likely to be in contravention of the Data Protection Act by doing so.”

            From the the Data protection office’s website.

        1. george

          The distinction between civil and criminal is not the same as the distinction between civil and illegal.

    1. Ultravox

      Call the ad agency? What? You mean Gavan Reilly should call the number painted on the back of the truck and ask? Come on…

    1. Rob_G

      My guess is that it is from a well financed-political party who are likely to do well among disaffected Labour voters.

      (Sinn Féin)

  1. Ultravox

    Isn’t Gavan Reilly a “journalist” (pace Twitter profile “Political correspondent”. Go and do your EFFIN’ JOB and find out yourself, Gavan.

  2. Rodolfo

    Maybe nobody claiming credit because the quote isn’t accurate. But sure don’t let accuracy get in the way of a decent poster.

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