Kate’s Campaign



Of this ‘satirical’ election handout from FG GE16 candidate Kate O’Connell, Midge Fox writes:

I received this paper on Portobello bridge this morning. According to the conspicuously named “Election Times” aka campaignforkate.ie, Sinn Fein, “the party of peace and harmony” according to an unknown “Sinn Fein councillor” intend bringing us into some kind of communist utopia. Yippee!!!

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55 thoughts on “Kate’s Campaign

  1. Caroline

    Where’s the link to Kate O’Connell on this? I must have proof. She is my five year old’s favourite poster friend. She will be devastated if it has come to this kind of pathetic mudslinging.

  2. Willie Banjo

    Well they have now successfully scared the sh1t out of me….it’s like some kind of cunning plan.

  3. han solo's carbonite dream

    a horrible beast she is.
    I hate the shinners as much as the next man but that is cringe worthy sh1t from her.

    she was having a joke on her fb with video recently at the expense of her less well educated dublin city counsellers – mocking them instead of trying to correct the error in their comments.
    real condescending stuff from somebody lording her education over others .
    of course, her fellow blueshirts whooped in delight and praised her for being able to sit in court with such proles.

    anyway tl;dr
    she is dose and up her own backside.

    1. Bing Gong Gone

      In fairness – the councillors in that FB video on fluoride in water were awful thicks.
      As for this newsletter – it’s feckin hillarious! Where has our Irish sense of humour gone? It’s seems to have been replaced by some collective outrage, cynically fuelled by the People Against Profit and the Absence of Alternatives Alliance.

      1. brownbull

        that’s ridiculous han solo, you think she was lording her education over the other councillors by pointing out their pseudo-scientific beliefs? dangerous idiots need to be confronted

        1. han solo's carbonite dream

          it was the tone and the language used in her FB post as well.
          manners and respect for others aren’t ridiculous

        2. Joss

          It was a pretty good takedown of their arguments. And someone who says that fluoridation ought to stopped because their 5 year old niece (who doesn’t eat sweets) needed two extractions needs putting right. But she couldn’t resist the dig at the ‘People Before Profit Brigade’.

      2. han solo's carbonite dream

        yes they were wrong but they are also sitting on dublin CC representing a section of dublin that voted them in.
        It wouldn’t have been amiss for “I’m a pharmacist” to explain the point instead of trying to belittle the others. The may have been wrong but they had legitimate concern albeit there were inaccurate by a bit.
        She has her education to thank for her knowledge it doesn’t make her a superior being so she should stop acting like one.
        I’m sure she would p1ssing and moaning if a tradesman talked down to her like that…on a topic she knew nothing about but still had questions.

        the newsletter isn’t that funny….a youtube sketch would be funny something mocked up like this isn’t.
        she is still a dose.

        1. Bing Gong Gone

          So the uneducated should be free to make cricitcal decisions based on opinion rather than fact all in the name of some sort of equality?

          1. han solo's carbonite dream

            ah yes because the council of the clever folk worked so well in the simpsons.
            It’s an apt parody of how sh1t goes down ..

            That’s the arrogance that got this country into a mess that others think they are superior to other people.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          In fairness the attitude was, from what I gather, that of someone who has repeated over and over the basics in correcting the nonsense arguments and the video shows someone who has banged their head off that wall “to explain the point” far too many times to deliver the message again in the demeanor you deem appropriate…. in fairness

        3. Bing Gong Gone

          Some people are smarter than others. It’s a combination of evolution, opportunity and more often than not a lot of hard work.

        4. classter

          Really, we can’t mock adults in responsible positions fro basing their opinions on bullpoo conspiracy theories?

      3. Wayne Carr

        Cynically fuelled outrage? Democratic revolution anyone? Fine and Labour nonsense?

        “And I see your true colours, that’s why I looooove you”

    2. Pardon

      She did her degree in pharmacy at the University of Brighton. I wouldn’t get too carried away the “lording her education over others “

  4. Alex Lyons

    Do the shinners get the average industrial wage before or after (their) tax? Are they taxed on the average wage or their actual salary?

    Sounds great to say our TDs take 35k not 80k but half of that 80k would go on tax anyway and anyone on 35k a year would take home a lot less

      1. han solo's carbonite dream

        agreed dublooney
        that industrial wage is a nonsense….same with the socialists.

        I’d have respect if they gave it to temple street or crumlin hospitals but to their own parties…
        F that sh1t

    1. Clampers Outside!

      The idea that they give up that money for the ‘public good’ is a nonsense. It’s been rubbished often enough.

      It goes to what SF deem ‘public good’ which helps drive their own agenda first… not ‘public good’. It goes into promoting SF as a party.

    2. Kieran NYC

      After. The give the rest of what the earn to the party (instead of, for example, returning it to the State). Shows where their loyalties lie.

  5. Tish Mahorey

    Kate O’Connell is in the style of an American First Lady in waiting.

    She dresses about 20 years older than her age.

    Big Hair. Pearls. Ambitious.

      1. Neilo

        Then consider me your brother. I’m a sucker for that insanely well-groomed look: twinsets and pearls being a carapace of bourgeois respectability over a stone frrrreak.

          1. Neilo

            Oh, it is ON. Kirsty Young is a vision. By the way, why are we both attracted to mature, soignée journalists/newsreaders?

  6. Neilo

    It’s analogous to the fake FG election ads supplied by FF. PIRA/SF are quick enough to engage in character assassination – other forms of assassination are, of course, available – while hiding behind parliamentary privilege.

  7. Neilo

    @ Der Bingle: Welcome to the higgley-piggledy, cognitively dissonant world of Elecsh Twenny Sixteen where no one gives a monkey’s anymore. Refer to such matters and be labelled a fascist/West Brit/saloon bar bore/man out of time.

    @ DubLoony: war chest is a most ápropos term for a barely concealed criminal conspiracy which pays lip service to the Republic while licensing murder and gangsterism. If we lived in the republic across the Atlantic, RICO would already be in force and yet still we listen to complaints about the justice system and still these curs will top the poll in many constituencies.

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