The Old Sow That Eats Her Farrow



‘We Were Nor Raised For Export’

A new Sinn Féin General Election video featuring lovely drone footage of Ireland and excerpts from a speech made by Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire (top) from Carrigaline, Co Cork at the party’s Ard Fheis in 2013 on the Irish emigrant experience.

Sinn Féin

Full speech here

Thanks Oisin

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22 thoughts on “The Old Sow That Eats Her Farrow

  1. Shayna

    Great photography. This looks more of a ‘Discover Ireland’ video than a political manifest – is that the idea? Subliminal advertising convinced me to buy a juicer 20 years ago, it’s now in a kitchen cupboard, you know, the one in the corner, that you never open.

  2. Gikna Mc Bota

    I’ve listened to this lad a lot, tis great to see that the Shinners have young men and women coming up through their ranks that have no first hand experience of the troubles…watch this space…young and well educated….. Gwan Donn ya good thing!

  3. J

    And yet no thought given to the young men and women that have had first hand experience of the troubles…unfortunately they are not around to tell the tale.

    1. Gikna Mc Bota

      Fair point J and I agree with ya……but it’s good to see that the ‘Old Stock’ of the 70’s and 80’s hard core republicans are now getting older and a younger cohort are coming through.

  4. Nodlaig King

    I have just watched this video . It is the first time that anyone has stated how difficult it is to have family far from home . My son is in the States. One of my daughters is in Europe. My husband is in the Middle East. My younger girls were teenagers in secondary schools when the others went away to find work as there was nothing here for them. My girls are now young graduates young women. There are no jobs here in construction. My husband is constantly checking the jobs sights. He watches as ‘ third world ‘ colleagues go to their embassies to vote. He cannot even do that. I am giving Sinn Fein my number one. For the first time.

    1. classter

      ‘It is the first time that anyone has stated how difficult it is to have family far from home .’
      Nonsense, irish media is full of people keening about exactly this.

  5. Charger Salmons

    The brown jacket and stripey tie with the beard combo is a look I haven’t seen since Californian porn videos in the late 80s
    Respect to the Shinners for having the courage to go retro.

  6. Gearóid

    Can I be a cynical bottomhole in the comments section here too?
    I am sure I could dig up an aul cynical bottomhole comment or two to help us unfocus on the core message of this young man.

  7. classter

    So start a fupping business then, Donnchadh.

    Enda is pretty weak taoiseach but relying on a poltiician to create a job for everybody who wants one, even if their chosen field is in a cyclical filed (the fabricator mentioned presumably works in construction) is a bit ridiculous.

    1. Kieran NYC

      For the past five years, we’ve heard that it’s Enda’s fault people don’t have jobs.

      Now that jobs are being created, all we hear from the very same people is “government don’t create jobs!”

      Some people are idiots.

        1. classter

          i don’t support Enda at every turn. He’s pretty dismal tbf.

          But pretending that current levels of emigration are all about Enda is completely disingenuous.

          We have always travelled – for work & for adventure. Even during the Celtic Tiger Years, huge numbers of irish people went abroad – something which was masked under a high level of net in-migration.

      1. Ultravox

        On the other hand, emigration took idiots like you out of Ireland’s midst to NYC, simultaneously raising the IQ of both places in one fell swoop.

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