12 thoughts on “I’m Bringin’ Sticky Back

  1. Neilo

    How much would you pay to get your paws on the Joan Burton card, Bertie? I bet you’d draw a red line through it after the election like US Special Forces after they smoke a foe. Sorry, I’m just really tickled by your enduring animus towards JB. We all must have a bete noire.

  2. Jake38

    Nothing on Broadsheet about Jurrry Adams car crash interview on Sean O’Rourke this morning? I wonder why………

  3. Rob_G

    Should have done them as top trumps instead

    Enda Kenny
    Skills: Anecdotes 7/10

    Michael Lowry
    Skills: Road-fixing 11/10


  4. Eoin

    Anyone swap me a Michael Lowry for the two Healy-Raes? I’ve too many Healy-Raes. They’re pretty common.

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