Finance Minister Michael Noonan

You may recall barrister Garry O’Halloran’s claim that, at a Fine Gael Ard Fheis in 1997, Finance Minister Michael Noonan “ran” away from him as he attempted to discuss abuse allegations at a foster home in the south-east of the country.

Mr Noonan was the Health Minister at the time.

The Irish Examiner reported the claims on Tuesday and couldn’t get a response from Mr Noonan, despite contacting the Fine Gael press office, the Department of Finance, the Department of Health or the Department of Children.

Today, the claims were put to Minister Noonan and his response was recorded by Gavan Reilly, from Today FM.

Minister Noonan said:

“Well, first of all, I was asked by Richard Crowley two weeks ago about anything I know about this. And I gave him a full answer. When I heard about it, I asked for the file in the Department of Health – there was two pieces of correspondence there. It’s 20 years ago, I’ve no clear memory of it and there was a complaint in and I referred it through the officials, back to the South Eastern Health Board that were the authority at that time and we were told that the young woman in question, or young child in question, had been removed from the foster home.”

“Some weeks later, it transpired that the South Eastern Health Board officials, who had made the decision, had reversed the decision for some reason. Now Austin Currie was the junior minister with responsibility to children at the Department of Health at that time and we referred it on to him.”

“Now I understand Cllr O’Halloran, whom I don’t know, I mean I’m sure I met him when I was minister because I met a lot of councillors, I’m not sure whether he was Waterford or Wexford but he was on in the South East anyway and I reject his versions of events. The minister for children was Austin Currie and an arrangement was made for Gary O’Halloran I understand and some people with him to discuss the issue with Austin Currie.”

“Beyond that, I don’t know anything but I’m prepared to cooperate with whatever inquiry is put in place after the election.”

In response to a follow up question [impossible to make out] from the Irish Examiner’s Daniel McConnell, Mr Noonan said:

“No, no, no, you’re making, as I understand it what we have, at present, is a series of allegations that need to be inquired into. I understand there’s no proof on either side. And I don’t want to say anything that gets me into legal difficulty to satisfy your curiosity. I’ve given you an absolute straight answer on everything I know. I can’t be responsible for third parities who make allegations about me which I refute.”

Noonan denies claim he ran from abuse meeting (Today FM)

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35 thoughts on “Me? Run?

  1. Joe cool

    Selective memory. If someone owed him a grand from 20 yr ago, you can be absolutely guaranteed he’d remember every single detail.

  2. ahjayzis

    Wasn’t this around the same time he was hounding a dying woman til her death of an infection given to her by the state?

    Lovely man.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Hates Women
      Does Noonan
      And if yer in trouble, have special needs, vulnerable, and need State Assistance?
      Yer even more ûcked in this Hater’s hands

      How the Ladies of Limerick vote for him is a mystery t’me

  3. Truth in the News

    How did he leave the Fine Gael Ard Feis in 1996, was he to meet Mr O’Halloran
    and some of the people who had grievences and complaints to air.
    In the initial stage RTE and Richard Crowley need to get Micheal Noonon
    back on air very quickly as allowing the issue to rumble on will destroy the
    reputation of his party, and indeed we need to ask Austin Currie what happened
    too, it must be pointed out that the issue was raised by a very credibale figure
    who belonged to Fine Gael at the time and later resigned over the handling
    of the issue…..the saying comes to mind is that when”Good men fail to do anything evil will prevail”…..simply let fester it will do untold damage, in other
    words if Fine Gael get insufficient seats to form a government….who will risk joining with them to form an administration.

    1. Steve

      That’s probably because at this point because its allegations. One person’s word versus another.

      I’ll tell ye what isn’t up for debate. Gerry Adams being leader of the PIRA for the last 30 odd years.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Ah bless
            doubt it’ll get inta the ton numbers
            But Bressie was great
            T’was a pleasure

            So no sweat like

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        Again, defending by distracting, but your not alone, as it’s Enda’s way too, & you can be forgiven for mimicking your hero.
        I did warn that the more this technique is used, the weaker it becomes. It’s now plain to see that almost everyone has caught on to it, including people who hate the Shinners.

        Turns out it’s possible to hate SF, but would rather FG to man up & explain them selves when it’s called for, rather than regurgitate what everybody already knows. It’s not only tiresome, It’s boring and exposes lack of character.

        Question: Does this person who is a member of FG have something to answer for?
        Answer: Gerry Adams was in the IRA. Life is like a box of chocolates.

        1. Frilly Keane

          How many of Noonan’s butties are members of the IFA?

          Who gives an’F…
          Or a C

          But they’re just wimin in the ICA
          And Michael Noonan sh1ts on them

          Do we want to mention the cosy dealing for Friends of Blueshirts with the IDA?

          Or is that a middle bit too far

          1. Steve

            You’re an awful waffler Frilly.

            And you may think you’re deadly with all the abstract waffle you come out with – the next Joyce lol – but your articles (lol) are awful sh@te.

      2. Fergus the magic postman

        Also just to shoot down your theory that RTE aren’t reporting it because it’s just an allegation.
        That didn’t stop them reporting that SF may have something to answer for in relation to Regency Hotel killing, while at the same time not broadcasting Adams’ interview where he condemns the killing, which they had gone to the trouble of recording.

        1. Steve

          If Noonan is found of wrongdoing he should face consequences. Until proven so, this is just slander and an obvious attempt to tarnish Noonan at a critical point in the election.

          I’ll tell ye what isn’t slur – Gerry Adams moving paedos around the country so they could harm again.

          1. Steve

            Noonan avoided dealing with child abuse , “claims” (even bodger used this word above) made by one man with no proof = slander .

            Adams being leader of PIRA and orchestrating the death of thousands of people = fact.

          2. Frilly Keane

            Noonan’s own hands are hardly clean when it comes to dealing with abusers

            And at least the Shinners will cost the public payroll a lot less that the Blueshirts do.

            That’s one-way to get Noonan and Enda to retire…. Make them work for the Average Wage.

          3. Sam

            Adam was never minister for anything in this country.
            Noonan was minister for Health and he hounded Brigid McCole through her final days, and the man has zero empathy for anyone who doesn’t know what the inside of a private jet looks like.
            When the moneybags arrives in town, Noonan’s knees hit the floor faster than he can run from an abuse query.

        1. ahjayzis

          I can’t abide FG, FF or Labour – no card carrying here.

          But it doesn’t bother you even a little bit that the guy led the IRA for decades while they were murdering left right and centre?

          1. Sam

            It bothers me, but it’s completely irrelvant to the question of Michael Noonan’s handling of these events.

        2. Neilo

          You mean ‘tell the truth’? I know it’s a moveable feast for the inheritors of the physical force tradition.

  4. Praetorian.

    A vile,odious,obnoxious,ignorant individual who has had nothing but controversey surround every ministry he has been a part of.
    Phone tapping as minister for justice in ’82…
    Prison dispute in ’83…
    Tried stabbing John Bruton in the back in ’94….And of course his Coup d’etat was Bridget McCole in ’94…
    People should be forever reminded of the actions and contempt of this bad #@$€£&£.

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