36 thoughts on “They Feel Less Pain

        1. Neilo

          Please tell me you wear a black beret from time to time. No finer look on a Titian-haired lady, particularly if teamed up with a combat jacket and shades. :)

      1. Caroline

        Sure wait til you find out how susceptible I am to date rape drugs, you’ll be tearing the mickey off yourself!

          1. Caroline

            It was a reply to NJM. He likes to talk about his mickey, so I thought I’d sorta hurry things along for him.

  1. Digs

    What’s the big deal. They want to create a certain look. Looking to use the gingers to bring in the US dollar, no big deal. For years gingers gave been lamenting the inequalities they face on a daily basis and now here is a place that wants to reach out, celebrate and embrace the gingers. I won’t be going, but hey oh, horses for courses…

    1. Neilo

      @15 Cents: weirdo, sure. Creepy, ehhh. I lightheartedly characterized a highly entertaining poster as a Patty Hearst type. Hardly cyberstalking, but then I can barely police my own thoughts, let alone those of others.

      1. Caroline

        Aaaah, Patty Hearst. I got as far as Rhythm Nation-era Janet Jackson and Ulrika Meinhof before I had to give up in defeat.

    1. Neilo

      @Caroline: thanks for the clarification, I would be mortified if you or anyone else thought I was being inappropriate.

  2. kellma

    Natural red-heads are not that common! They may have to accept some artificial red-heads or they might come short!

  3. The People's Hero

    Hopefully the venue will have a strong satanic theme as we all know gingers are Satan spawn…

    That, and let me fall off my seat while Broadsheet posts an actual job with an actual wage…..

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