Passing Stools



Last night’s Late Late Show..

There you go now.

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    1. Kimball

      “It doesn’t matter what was said, it’s what was heard that caused the outrage” – Arthur Guinness

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    “killers, kidnappers & terrorists, we’d hear it from the people of the town
    They’d call us….”

    Sort your hair out Williams.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop


  2. Pablo Pistachio

    More crocodile tears from Williams. How long before he tries to flog another book on the back of a tragedy…or has he already started?

    1. Drogg

      You should see some of the characters out canvassing for shatter they don’t even know what their candidate stands for.

  3. ollie

    Williams has built a career on other people’s misfortunes and by acquiring information from the Gardai.
    He’s a snake, always has been always will be.

  4. Peter Dempsey

    What’s the difference between Paul Williams and Paul Reynolds? They’re both crime fanatics, yes?

    Then there’s Paul Reynolds who runs Rabble. LOL.

  5. Atticus

    There was also the “concerned citizen” on RTE yesterday that was having a pop at Mary Lou. Turns out he was an ex banker and brother of an FG politician

      1. Tish Mahorey

        He was a Fine Gael plant. That’s the point. And he’s not representative of 99.5% of the electorate.

        Also, RTE failed to show the loud street protests against Fine Gael in Cork the previous week.

        So you know, our national broadcaster is favouring a political party which is against their public duty to be impartial.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          “Also, RTE failed to show the loud street protests against Fine Gael in Cork the previous week.”
          …..except for when RTE showed it on Six One that day, oh, and again at Nine O’Clock News. But yeah, other than that, they didn’t!


      2. Atticus

        Talk about missing the point.

        He was giving the full on poor little out of pocket middle Ireland me routine.

  6. Tish Mahorey

    Paul Williams profits from crime. He loves all this stuff. He has no interest in genuinely uncovering the truth behind organised crime in Ireland.

    If he was genuine in his crusade against the ‘scumbags’ then he would have started to expose the state officials who are involved in drug importation and distribution and their part in gun murders….. oh and he’d be dead now.

  7. Rois

    I could be wrong but I reckon “those guys walking up Francis Street” have more on their minds than the General Election at the moment.

  8. Medium Sized C

    “Paul Williams isn’t the hero Ireland wants… Paul Williams is the hero Ireland needs. ” – Paul Williams

  9. babylonzoo4ever

    the reason Paul Williams does what Paul Williams does is because Paul Williams is……..

    Paul Williams

  10. Bing Gong Gone

    Let’s all vote for the party that profits from promoting terrorism. There’s no way that could fail.

  11. Frilly Keane

    Imagine if we were Crime free
    The nasty criminal stuff
    Like Japan say
    What would Paul Williams have to turn his hand ta’
    To earn a crust like

    ( the best suggestion might get a pudding outing)

  12. Joe cool

    Ran out of jax roll once. There was a paul Williams book in there. I walked around with dirty underpants than wipe with it

  13. The Real Jane

    I think he’s great, revelling in his courage to say the unsayable like a three year old daring you to give out about saying poo-poo. Yeah, he’s putting it up to you, what ya gonna do about that?

  14. Spoiler Alert

    Whilst I suspect that Paul Williams is a Sinn Fein voter himself, I also think he’s right. Their manifesto is essentially “if you don’t pay taxes and scrounge everything you can get, vote for us and you’ll be looked after”. How do people like that even exist anymore?

    1. Spoiler Alert

      *Update* Having read the rest of he comments on this thread, I realise my reference to Paul Williams may not be obvious. So to out it bluntly; the man is (what’s a nice way to say scumbag)…

  15. Kolmo

    This guy couldn’t give two excrements about any of the communities the criminals rule, not one. His career depends on people killing each other on the steeets like dogs and he puts himself out as the fearless hero, working for salacious rags, contributing nothing except drizzles of petrol on a already burning fire in a behavioural sink. He cares not one effing jot. Hopefully enough people see through the histrionics. Why not investigate the inner circle that have got away with the chaos their criminality caused in the bubble?

  16. Owen

    This lad seems like a complete attention seeker and self-proclaimed expert on all things wrong with Sinn Fein.

    That aside, every second thing you read not written by Williams about Sinn Fein is some link to some killing, or a pedo, or someone they are denying. Anyone who votes for them is not a terrorist. They are just blind.

    Caveat: Yes FF and FG are lairs, and give false promises etc, but they we not acting like the judge and jury for their own crimes for decades.

  17. Truth in the News

    Remember the Rennicks Payment to Ray Burke, funny how Williams never
    did an expose on it, Rennicks was owned by a compamy associated with the
    now much finacially challenged Sir Anthony O’Reilly who in turn controlled
    the rag that Paul used to write for.
    As to thinking he will stop the rise of the Shinners…not a hope, its just that the electorate are going to settle the score with the outgoing junta, like they did
    five years ago with FF + Greens and that’s democracy and they will keep doing it.
    Come to think of it, how much resources and time have been used over the years
    minding Williams just like vast waste of money expended last week….is it
    around 5 Million, spent to protect two criminal elements from each other, yet
    we can’t protect or defend those robbed by roaming gangs rampaging all over

  18. Alan

    He’s a big extreme, but not entirely wrong. Self entitled idiots will vote for Sinn Fein too, we should remember.

    Why doesn’t Gerry Adams realize there’s no place as gang land ? Because that’s his social circle.

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