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February 2016 (A Dubliner’s Protest)

What need you, other more than cents,
Why fumble in the streets and moan?
You value halfwit over wit,
Tick ‘none of the above‘ to groan
and make a powerhouse void of power,
Yet no Plan B have you to claim;
Pro-Active Ireland’s dead and gone,
It’s now with Lenihan, in the grave.

Yet we are now a different kind
To those old names who made us free.
What right have we to claim ’16,
When Mother Erin’s daughters bleed?
But only out of sight, of course –
Keep the provinces holy, save!
A woman’s Ireland was never born,
While Markievicz spins in her grave.

Was it for this our children fled,
With grey steel wings over every tide?
For this that citizens’ blood has shed,
For this Veronica Guerin died,
And Declan Flynn, Savita too?

Did your grumbling avenge their souls some way?
An innocent Ireland’s dead and gone,
It’s with Shane Geoghegan, in the grave.

Yet you could claim freedom again,
Remember heroes for as they were,
In their sacrifice and pain,
You’d cry ‘Some drag queen’s yellow hair
Has maddened every voter’s son,
But then, that May, we saw the power
Of what hopes and aspirations made;
So go, take action, of hope lose none,
And leave the past within the grave.

Scott De Buitléir


Top Pic via Kirkbadaz, who writes:

Homeless man beneath bridge before Boland’s Mills where Dev saw no action for a week 100 years back.

Scott De Buitléir

September 1913 (WB Yeats)

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14 thoughts on “February 2016

  1. The Real Jane

    It’s very much like the retired taxi drivers on loonline that Joe leaves to the very end of the show to read their…I suppose we must call it poetry, shouting carefully constructed rhymes on the state of the nation over the little tune.

    Poor old Yeates. Pern in a gyre, indeed.

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