26 thoughts on “Fleg Bombing

  1. Same old same old


    Adams “performance ” in what I saw of last week’s “debate” was so bad it was absurd. He’s a dinosaur and an electoral liability

    1. Frilly Keane

      And Noonan, Edna and Joan or whatever yere having yerselves, are
      Fit for purpose
      For annuder 5 years


      1. Same old same old

        I’d say you’d be a Trump voter Frilly?
        The rest are crap so vote for Anarchy?
        Boyd Barrett was pretty good

  2. Tony M

    Fleg-wearing voter will be knee-capped on Saturday for his troubles. They haven’t gone away you know.

  3. kingo

    it’s a jack wills hoodie. i have seen heads wearing them around tallaght. they Are kind of a British hollister.

  4. Wayne Carr

    All the people complaining about Adams’ performance on the economy, have you seen Enda Kenny? He hasn’t rolled with the punches in a single interview I’ve seen, whether it be with Bryan Dobson or Prendeville. Adams, while clearly initially misleading Prendeville’s listeners regarding the income tax level for those earning over 100k, was still infinitely better than Kenny, both on the economy, and overall.

    Other than that, people are seriously considering looking at Fianna Fáil. Are Irish people ****ing completely stupid? A party that destroyed the economic sovereignty of the state, and socially would oppose repealing the 8th? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me!

    All the politics of fear, and yet ring-wing governance has seen us lose our economic sovereignty, the return of mass emigration, record numbers of homeless on the streets, and a shambles of a health service that is considered to be the worst in western Europe (I appreciate that once you’re in there, it’s seen to be good. But getting into it is nigh on impossible) Are people clinically insane?

    Adams isn’t that impressive, and yet he is still far more appealing than Kenny or Martin. Adams’ age means Pearse or MacDonald will lead the party soon, and for the better.

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