24 thoughts on “Tribal Custom

      1. Bobby

        No it isn’t. Not even comparable. Looks like you need to grow up and stop being so touchy.

    1. Owen

      Leaving crap like that behind you is a lazy and unacceptable thing to do. Just because people do it at a festival does not make it any more acceptable here.

      Anyone who leaves crap like that behind can only be assumed to be an uneducated slob.

    1. Owen

      I don’t see a shop either, but people still managed to bring cans and bottles to the location. They can surely bring them back with them.

      1. ahjayzis

        But they don’t, obviously.

        I’m just saying if this is a popular place every Paddys Day, maybe next year the council could line the place with bins and save on cleanup.

        1. classter

          Agreed. Obv people shouldn’r be such scuzzballs but that’s no excuse for the council failing to predict the inevitable.

  1. Advertising On Police Cars

    The Gardaí used to enforce no booze on the banks a few years ago, they just turn a blind eye now. Galway such a crusty town, the Graveyard of Ambition.

    1. Polaroid Fluid

      in fairness temple bar was absolute landfill from 5pm onwards, it’s just a nation of underachievers with pretty low standards.

      1. Small Wonder

        *Unfairness, surely. There’s nothing fair about leaving your sh!t behind for other people to deal with.

      2. pissedasanewt

        The bins fill up pretty quickly and I don’t blame the council guys not trying to get a cleaning truck through there..

        They could put open barrels at 20 feet intervals throughout temple bar and the place might look a lot cleaner during the night, but then you’ve to lift and empty them, probably as easy to let people tip stuff on the ground and just go in with a road sweeper the next morning.

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