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God is an Astronautrescheduled Dublin date & Cork date

What you may need to know…

With a career spanning nearly fifteen years and nigh-on grandfather status in the post-rock genre, Glen of the Downs’ favourite sons God is an Astronaut have continued to evolve and innovate.

02. One of the country’s most successful musical exports of the past two decades, the band last year announced a new deal with metal label Napalm Records, and subsequent worldwide touring.

Their most recent album, Helios/Erebus, is streaming in its entirety in the widget above, and available for download on its own, or in a frankly fantastically-priced bundle alongside the rest of their discography to date.

04. Before heading to North America throughout September, the band have two Irish shows: a rescheduled date for Whelan’s in Dublin on July 2nd, and Cork’s Cyprus Avenue on the 23rd.

Verdict: A phenomenal band that carry over all of their spacey, yet intricate sonic adventuring to their live show. Seldom seen in these parts anymore, and unmissable when they are.

God is an Astronaut

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  1. Quint

    Incredibly talented band who put all other insipid Irish hipster acts and bland singer-songwriters to shame. They are HUGE in Eastern Europe and Russia but mostly ignored here, probably because they don’t fit easily into any genre.

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