Oisin O’Callaghan writes:

My friends had a specially made flag for the Euros stolen from them last night in the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua during the friendly (vs tHolland). The flag was hanging over stand 516 (on the southside of the stadium) and was gone when they went to collect it at the end.

The lads toured all over Europe during the qualifiers and were among the first to book tickets for France, they had the flag made especially for the Euros and are obviously gutted. Would really appreciate if your readers could share to help them get it back.


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9 thoughts on “Bunched

  1. Mulder

    Would guess it may be going on a tour of France this summer.
    No need to identify they be irish, just show the flag.

  2. SoupyNorman

    there are some bottomholes commenting on here….
    I hope you get your flag back lads.

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