Free Tonight?



The idea of this meeting is to inform people of the secretly negotiated TTIP agreement between the USA and Europe. It is open to all.

We hope to be able to help launch an automonous local Anti TTIP group that can work with unions, political groupings and others to defeat TTIP, by being separate from but co-operative with others. This model has worked with the water charges movement in the area and we hope it can be as strong on TTIP.


Joan Collins and Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan. Public meeting on TTIP (Facebook)

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Luke’s TTIP


22 thoughts on “Free Tonight?

  1. 15 cents

    do we the people have any say in it tho? like who gets to decide on whether TTIP comes into fruition or not?

    1. Bobby

      I’m probably wrong, but at the moment what will be up for debate is currently negotiated in secret (which is pretty common, but I still can’t help be suspicious of it), then the MEP’s debate on those predecided topics it in public.

      1. DubLoony

        They just want to get a head stage on the protests.

        Because housing, health, education are all sorted.

    2. Wayne.F

      If what Ming and co claim will eventually be in TTIP is there, it would probably require a referendum.

  2. Owen C

    “secretly negotiated TTIP agreement”

    Almost all governmental agreements of this sort of importance will be conducted with some significant level of secrecy. Its fairly standard. It will still have to be debated and actually voted through by the EU Parliament. Maybe even via referendum in this country. The continued childish “it being secretely negotiated” comments from people who are supposed to know better is idiotic.

    1. Lordblessusandsaveus

      “Maybe even via referendum in this country.”

      It will most certainly need a referendum but Fine Gael will lie to the people and try to push it through without one which would be treason.

      1. Rob_G

        If something requires a change to the constitution in order to be ratified, FG can’t ‘lie to the people’ and ratify it in the Dáil regardless.

        You genuinely haven’t a clue.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    “We referred to the T-TIP transatlantic agreement. We’re very big supporters of this, and I commended the President on his forthrightness in making the decision to have the American side of that team engage with the European teams. And we want that to happen, and we want it to happen in the lifetime of this administration. And, therefore, the next six months are critical for that.”

    Says Enda Kenny.

    Link with video and transcript –

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