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Men's Grace 1916 Cufflinks(1)Wicklow Mountains Silk Scarf & Bowtie(1)
Christy Moore Fine Art Print
Michael Collins Rug
Thanks Dad


As you know, June 19th is Father’s Day.

The Irish Workshop (the online home for Irish-made gifts and whatnottery) have put together five Irish-made gifts to give your Dad this Father’s Day.

Charmaine Kenny, of the workshop, writes:

1. 1916-loving Dad
Wicklow-based jewellery studio, Terrible Beauty, have designed sterling silver cufflinks that are deeply etched with the Irish Proclamation of Independence or one of its seven signatories.

2. Style-loving Dad
Designer Brendan Joseph has seen his star rise in Ireland of late, and your Dad will look like a star in one of Brendan’s handwoven silk scarves that are inspired by Ireland’s colours and textures – designs include Howth Head, Daylight in Dublin and Wicklow Mountains.

3. music-loving Dad
Dublin artist Vincent Keeling has beautifully captured in portrait some of our most talented musicians – Christy Moore, Luke Kelly, Phil Lynott, Shane McGowan, Rory Gallagher, Sinead O’Connor and Van Morrison.

4. History-loving Dad
As previously featured on broadsheet, Your Dad can wrap himself up in history with this replica of a blanket that was specially commissioned for Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins to mark his appointment to Commander in Chief of the newly established Irish Army in early 1922. Foxford Woollen Mills in Co.Mayo made the blanket for Collins and have re-released the design this year.

5. Sentimental Dad
Fab Cow Design have put together this illustration of words that might set you and Dad happy-crying on Father’s Day *sniffle*

The irish Workshop

Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish made Stuff’

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15 thoughts on “Father Time

  1. Rob_G

    Who wouldn’t want dead patriots to set off their evening wear : /

    – mad-tacky, sorry

  2. Waddy Dilson

    As a new dad I’d love anything at all but mainly a card as a keep sake (obviously written by my partner)
    but of this lot? – Here’s my reactions

    1 – Tacky
    2 – Eh … that is just absolutely grim looking
    3 – Certainly not as tacky as number 1, but who wants portraits of musicians in their house? Most dads I know stopped putting up posters when they were teenagers.
    4 – Christ…..
    5 – The only one that isn’t ridiculous but then equally how much is this, probably a lot more expensive than it should be!!

    1. garthicus

      5 is €58.90 in the frame or €34.94 mounted/unframed. I think I’d like a rake of pints and a crayon drawing instead please kids! Cheers.

        1. Waddy Dilson

          It is lovely, and absolutely too pricey. Ridiculous price for that, it’s a print.
          I think that present that you have there is spot on! My little one is too small for drawings yet though.
          The mammy will do something too elaborate as well I bet. Rake of pints, decent dinner and a card.

          1. Ultach

            Not to mention totally inappropriate for me. When I’m too tired I tell them. I give some of the worst advice ever given. I’m not that strong, not very gentle and quite often quite unkind. I do have a large collection of really bad jokes though.

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I clicked on the scarf link ready to buy. €240? Strike me pink. Not going to happen: I wouldn’t spend that on meself, not to mind yer man.

        1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

          I’m on holzers Saturday and will be taking a printed folder of all of frillers odes to peruse

  4. Advertising On Police Cars

    Enjoy your Dad while you have him, mine is gone 5 years and I would give anything to be able to sit with him for a chat and a pint.

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