19 thoughts on “Liberal With Your Stuff

    1. rotide

      every news source in the world strives to record the facts. They are all plagarists by this guys reckoning.

  1. Little Fluffy Cloudflare

    A well crafted complaint to the IEDR should see their domain suspended. That will soften his cough.

  2. Harry Molloy

    is Ben Gilroy and Direct Democracy Ireland and that shower involved with the Liberal? I see them sharing their articles from time to time I think

    1. C Sharp

      Angry clicks seems to be their M.O.
      Based on my, thankfully limited, exposure to this drivel It’s an echo chamber for ignorance of all hues, including some particularly far to the right.

      Tis far from liberalism it was rare’d.

  3. rotide

    what the absolute fck passes for writing these days?

    This article is one that needs to be written. It’s a real issue facing news media as it dives into the digital world. However it needs a writer that can make a point without sounding like an idiot.

    The first example (and presumbly best) he uses involves The Liberal using exactly the same QUOTES as the Examiner’s article.

    QUOTES. He’s accusing The Liberal of plagarism based on accurately recording what someone said. I would EXPECT the two articles to feature identical quotes, if the quotes differed radically it would raise much bigger questions.

    He then goes on to feature another example where they ‘plagarised’ peoples recorded utterances.

    Does no one else see the problem here?

    1. neil

      Except the quotes aren’t from a press release, as he explains. They were given to the original journalist, one on one.

  4. Peter Dempsey

    The article is good but his jibes at “sharp suits” and people who wear them is childish

  5. boggo

    I regularly file copy With newspapers and get paid but if I ever google my stories they turn up all over the place on different news sites including joe.ie campus.ie etc etc.

  6. Inoonow

    Hilarious, ‘The Liberal’ these lads blocked me for my tolerance during the marriage referendum build up and Im pretty sure Im still blocked from their social media. An oxymoron of a site

  7. Derek

    Funny how the liberal is singled out. What about click online dot com and Joe dot ie. Faceless media that regurgitated others work, create two paragraphs and don’t source.

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