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Trump Marred

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65 thoughts on “Anything Good In Village Magazine?

  1. Tony

    Where was everyone when the Chinese were here. They actually do all the things Trump spouts about. Or the Emiratis? Or the Saudis? Yet we bang on about how they should be teaching Mandarin instead of Gaeilge. Bunch of Middle class hypocrites.

    1. Bob

      I didn’t hear anything about the Chinese being here. Maybe they didn’t either and aren’t hypocrites, but merely uninformed as to everyone who visits?

      1. Tony

        Ignorance is not an excuse in the SJW code. Do you think there should be protests if the Chinese visited again? I mean the actual leadership, not the candidates who own legitimate businesses here.

        1. Dara

          Yeah Tony but that would require more than a hashtag friendly, blck and white morality campaign, with a little nuanced understanding of how power works.

          Ah Master Burtenshaw, da finesse nuance of a whiskey drunk sledgehammer.

          Who is Burtenshaw anyway?

          1. The Key of G

            Everything you post here Toby. I’d rather lick santorum off a rabbit than read your dull retorts

    2. classter

      A) Which things does they do that he spouts on about? I ain’t heard Xi Jinping suggest that Chinese people with varied roots are not Chinese, nor abuse women, nor dismiss climate change.

      B) The US, like it or not, is very close to our heart. There are many citizens of each country with some involvement (living, working, have friends, family) in the other. Culturally & economically, we are part of a US-led western world. We consume American media, art & literature voraciously.

      C) Trump’s opinions would constitute a retrograde step in America’s development. Actually Xi Jinping (veneration of Mao, concentration of portfolios, etc) may turn out also to have been a backward step for China but the jury is still out.

        1. classter

          You are answering the wrong question, J.

          This thread is about Trump v China so the question is about whether you are closer to Boston or Beiijing.

          The Western world I mentioned above includes Berlin btw.

          1. J

            I wasn’t answering any question, Classter .Did you pose one? Just decided to make a flippant remark on a Friday afternoon. Thank you for pointing out to me that the Western world includes Berlin. My BS doctorate in Geography is almost complete.

      1. Tony

        China is a great abuser of human rights, has been and we only have indications that it’s going to continue that way. Maybe you approve?

        So we should protest on economic grounds not human ones. A bit greasy til for me.

        Your opinion is that trump is retrograde, millions of Americans think otherwise and would thank you to stay out of their business and stop allowing their companies to avoid taxes.

        Now the Saudis? The Emiratis? Oooh horses

        Hypocrisy and double standards. Some others like ms Kenny would call it virtue signalling.

    3. classter

      ‘ we bang on about how they should be teaching Mandarin instead of Gaeilge’

      Not that many of us propose this. As evidenced by the fact that this is not happening & has no chance of happening any time soon.

    4. J

      If you lot read the smaller print, it looks like Village do a piece on “Chinese Propaganda” in current issue.

  2. Rob_G

    I wouldn’t say he’s a fascist; more a buffoon, but a cynical one. I doubt he even believes half the the things he says – he just said them to get the nomination.

    (I’d say that he finds it hard he’s actually got so far on his makey-uppy platform himself)

  3. bisted

    …the real warmonger is Clinton…the first group she engaged with at the start of her campaign were the zionists…she has promised to support their campaign in Gaza even if they kill 200000 Palestinians on the next bombardment.

      1. bisted

        …the zionists don’t care about one more Palestinian life …I doubt if she will either..

        1. Rob_G

          Your figure just seems very specific; pray tell where did you learn of this exchange – would there be a link?

    1. classter

      ‘the first group she engaged with at the start of her campaign were the zionists’

      Could you provide a source for this odd assertion?

      1. bisted

        “…Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has penned a controversial letter to a major Jewish donor vowing to offer Israel “total” support in its next war with the Gaza Strip’s Islamist rulers.

        The leaked letter, sent last week to an Israeli-American media mogul, promises to allow Israel carte blanche in any future war with Hamas, including a presidential green light to kill nearly 10% of the enclave’s population.

        “Quite frankly, Israel didn’t teach Hamas a harsh enough lesson last year,” reads the letter, obtained by The Mideast Beast. “As president, I will give the Jewish state all the necessary military,diplomatic, economic and moral support it needs to truly vanquish Hamas – and if that means killing 200,000 Gazans, then so be it.”

        1. classter

          How does that prove that the ‘Zionists’ were the ‘first group she engaged with at the start of her campaign’

      1. Nigel

        No US president would ever not support Israel. if Bernie Sanders got in, no matter what his rhetoric, US foreign policy would still support Israel, and US drones would still strike at Isis. Presidents can do a lot for better or worse, but simply aren’t powerful enough to bring about that kind of sea-change.

        1. classter

          They are powerful enough to begin turning the tanker, as Obama recently described the process of change in a large democracy.

          Obama has helped begin a reappraisal (or a renegation) of the alliance with Israel. Sanders would likely have continued on this path but of course this is not a binary decision, support or not support.

          Clinton seems unlikely to be anything other than fully supportive (more AIPAC than J Street). Trump too has been falling over himself to prove that he will be at least as supportive as Clinton

      1. Tony

        No. It was from the illegal invasion and subsequent occupation by allied forces led by Britain and US.

          1. Tony

            No he wasn’t an angel, and no one said he was. but the two Bushes, Clinton, Obama have all killed way more than him and Hilary supported them all. I dont see many on here condemning them. But they will march to condemn a man who has killed no-one. I thin their hypocrisy should at least be addressed, dont you?

          2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            I don’t think it’s hypocrisy when you know that if he makes it to President he will do exactly the same thing.

          3. Tony

            How do you “know”??? Thats total hypothetical hypocrisy. Would you condemn Clinton and Obama for hundreds of thousands of deaths they have over seen? Is what they have done worse than what Trump has done? Im almost yawning with boredom at the predictability that you will avoid the question as usual. Have a great weekend.

          4. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            *Tony stomps his feet and stamps off into the distance*

            And somewhere, a little Don waits….

          5. Tony

            And he checks back in to see if it was answered. Nope. why would anyone admit to hypocrisy I guess.

          6. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            It sounds a little to mean like you’re, you know, virtue signalling here Tony. Wouldn’t that be HI-LAR-I-ASS?

  4. Mulder

    How to damage Trump, simple, remove his balls.
    Golf balls that is.
    No golf balls allowed.

  5. Kev Bar

    Ridicule – the best thing to stone a bully with.
    Make it as outrageous as he is.
    And if it is divorced from fact?
    Then it’s all the more Trumpian

  6. Kev Bar

    I see Michael Moore is throwing the same stone, saying over in London that he hopes ‘satire brings Trump down.’

  7. rory

    Saw this cover up close in the newsagents the other day.
    I’ve bought village many times in the past, but I couldn’t buy the magazine with that cover.

    It made me consider why I buy the magazine in the first place. Not a good sign.

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