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Niall de Buitlear writes:

You’ve previously featured some graphics I made for the Marriage Equality referendum. Because Dublin Pride is coming up [June 22-26 ] I’ve decided to make some of these available as badges for a short time through with all profits being donated to GLEN – Gay + Lesbian Equality Network. The badges are 58mm in diameter and a set of three can be purchased for €6 including postage within Ireland [at link below]….

Save Poolbeg.

Dublin Pride Badges (


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18 thoughts on “Badges Of Pride

  1. eamonn clancy

    I’ve a brilliant gay themed cartoon of Mohammad, will you put that on a badge for me?

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      It’s funny cause they have a stupid religion not like our religion which is great

  2. Eoin

    Dublin Pride? It’s not that time of year again is it? Oh no. Someone threw a huge black dildo at me last time I tried to get through the city on Pride day. It was mayhem. Or should I say gay-hem? Or is that homophobic these days? Uh….I dunno? Or care. So sick of having peoples sexuality rubbed in my face. Literally. Nobody cares about your sexual preferences. Get over yourself. Nice badges by the way.

    1. Billy Kremlin

      Yup, in my opinion when it’s done in the extreme , it is nothing short of sexual harassment.

      These are lovely badges and I’m delighted the Pride fest is on but throwing dildos at people and walking around half naked isn’t nice.

      If I threw a dildo at some girl on O’Connell Street I’d be locked up…. and rightly so.

    2. Kieran NYC

      I don’t believe you.

      Those things can be expensive. No one’s just going to throw them away.

  3. some old queen

    A whole year and I’m still on the shelf. You would think that gay Monaghan farmers with a bit of land would be queuing up but not one in sight. Maybe I should broaden my demographic?

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