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    1. Waddy Dilson

      It should be 4, that’s the only issue I see here.
      2 for the rent, 2 for the deposit, exactly as it has always been. The extra 1 for sceurity seems strange though

      1. ALisonT

        1 month for security is no longer enough. it takes far more than a month to get a non paying tenant out. You cant even issue the first letter until rent is 14 days late.
        In most countries it is far more than a months rent for deposit.

        1. Waddy Dilson

          And what would be fair? Do you think I am going to give more than a months rent deposit?
          It is not a deposit for non payment it is for covering any damage in excess of wear and tear.
          Non payment of rent has to be pursued through the available means regardless of the level of deposit held by the landlord – Should a tenant break a clause through non payment, you must still go through the painstaking process of issuing those letters, seeking eviction before you are allowed to take any of the deposit money in lieu of rent.
          Likewise – Eviction should occur once three months of non payment has passed, at that time you must seek to re-let the premises and show that you have sought this, failure in this will result in you being awarded no more than the three months up to eviction.

        2. Waddy Dilson

          Actually Alisson, where is there a requirement of more than one month to be held as a deposit?

          I’m aware of countries where more than one month must be paid up front but this is not a deposit, it is actually a rent payment.
          I’ve lived in several countries and never paid more than a months rent as a security deposit.

        3. AMam

          I have rented for 20 years in the UK, Spain and in Ireland. I have never been asked for more than a months rent as a deposit until I moved home to Ireland.

          In the last month I have been asked for 2 months deposit and a month upfront, with a years worth of bank statements, work references and rental references. I have seen properties for 1500 with missing roof tiles, mould, light switches hanging out of walls and missing oven doors being shown as ready too move in.

          We have had to up our budget to 1800 get a habitable home for us and our kids in north Dublin.

          The properties I have seen demonstrate a basic lack of respect for potential tenants.

          A mortgage on the house in some areas of north Dublin would be half what we are paying in rent. So I ask you who is paying the 50% landlord tax?

    2. 15 cents

      the 3k deposit seemed ridic, but then i looked at the pics and theres 6 beds, and its a dump, so probably have a load of people in it, sharing a 3 k deposit not so bad.

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you sit on, this whole mind-set is indefensible.

    Who would be a Rent Man?
    -Seriously, what sort of a person does that?

  2. Eoin

    4 Beds though. It’s not a bad deal once it’s ok inside. Drumcondra too. Bertieland. Perfect for getting to Dublin city Center etc. But a 5k deposit….just to rent a place. Even between four people that seems a bit steep.

  3. garthicus

    Ah man, this is awful. Imagine the breeze coming down that chimney in the winter in the bedroom? Awful kip.

  4. Owen

    Could you rent with 3 mate? 3 doubles, say €550 each, single €350. Just looking for how this could possible work.

    The 5k to get your foot in the door is madness though. I know 2k is rent, but either way you look at it, its a big starting cost.

    1. The Real Jane

      I don’t know. They seem to require enough information to rob you. I wonder whether they store/dispose of all of this accumulated data in accordance with data protection requirements?

    2. irishstu

      They need if you become the tenant, I don’t know why they need you to supply it just to apply.

        1. It's usually Dave

          If you’ve not had to provide your PPS AT ALL, then chances are your tenancies haven’t been registered (only applies to private tenancies by the way).
          This doesn’t affect your rights in any way, you still have the full rights (and obligations) of any private tenant including applying to the PRTB if there’s a dispute or problem.
          The landlord though is open to prosecution as all private tenancies should be registered by law. They or their agent is supposed to register within 30 days of the start of your tenancy, and (anything up to three months) after its been registered you should get a letter confirming the registration.

  5. Lendl Simmons

    The PRTB use a PPS number in case of disputes. So its a useful thing for landlords to have. Also would probably put off chancers etc who would bail without paying rent.

    1. It's usually Dave

      It’s illegal for landlords to demand or keep the PPS number “just because”.
      The tenant should only need to supply the PPS when filling in tenancy registration form.

      1. ALisonT

        It is not illegal – in fact the PRTB insist that landlords make every reasonable effort to gather PPS numbers. Equally it is not illegal for tenants to refuse to provide the numbers.

        1. It's usually Dave

          If you become the tenant, then yes it’s required for the tenancy registration form which is filled in by the tenant and the landlord (or authorised agent, blah blah).
          It is not required to apply to become the tenant; neither the landlord or agent (as in this case) is entitled to simply collect PPSNs of prospective tenants, and can be prosecuted under data protection laws if they are found to be collecting or retaining them for any reason beyond the tenancy registration form.

  6. Junkface

    A full working Kidney and Lung is also required as a deposit, along with a full cavity search. Come on now, its a free market!

  7. ALisonT

    For a 4 bed house within walking distance of the city center this is not too bad, sure you would be paying 1500 in the outer suburbs for a similar house.

      1. Billy Kremlin

        It’s clear from its earlier post that it is a bottom feeder. No doubt this pond life has several bet down kips across the city, that it gouges poor souls on. For shame!

  8. DubLoony

    Supply side just isn’t happening, I’ve no idea why.

    We have huge pent up demand, we have no new homes being built, we have loads of unused homes, we have derelict land all over the city, DCC has mone for social housing – so its not lack of cash, land, demand or skills.

    What’s the hold up?

      1. Pip

        Maynooth, Deansgrange – both opposite Tesco, as it happens.
        My daughter and I call our weekend visits to Tesco Maynooth ‘going to the UK’.

    1. Andy

      Can’t make money on starter homes.
      Only new builds coming on stream appear to be in the neighborhood of €500k plus.
      DCC, Fingal, DLR will have to contract build themselves.
      Lack of movement probably down to a lack of ability on both the Council’s & the Councillors’ behalf.

  9. dav

    bravo blushirts – keeping the housing crisis going ans they line their landlord pockets – undeclared – of course.

  10. Bar

    I wouldn’t mind the 3k security deposit if it guaranteed some long-term rights. Memory is a bit foggy, but I think in Norway you’re required to pay 3-6 months rent down as a deposit before moving in (which can be a hefty amount). They favour long-term leasing though and tenants even get the interest on their deposit at the end of term.

  11. OC Porterhouse

    Shared between 4 and it’s 500 a piece. I lived in Dublin from 1998-2006. After the first few years I was always paying between 400 and 500 for a room that would be smaller than these and further from the center.

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