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      1. Rob_G

        Evidently I don’t; I’m not familiar with the inner-workings of the European Parliament, how large the budget committee is, or if every member is expected to attend every session, or only certain sessions when items within a certain remit will be under discussion.

        Maybe Ming will fill us in, so I join in the outrage; it seems fun.

  1. Robert

    Are people still smearing Ming about his 2014 attendance? There were good reasons for this, as explained at the time.

    1. boj

      People seem to love a good oul smearing every now and again, especially when it makes them feel superior.

  2. dav

    ah, attacking the messenger I see.
    Looks like the establishment bullies don’t appreciate light been shown on the corrupt practices.

  3. jimmy russell

    ugh who cares the EU is the best thing that ever happened to this country everyone is getting caught up in the Brexit but they are forgetting that it is being led by racists who just want to stop immigration.

    1. Deluded

      I agree on the first point, we have benefited from infrastructure spending, agriculture grants and access to labour and export markets.
      The EU also funded a generation of cheap 3rd level education with exchange programmes and ease of travel.
      I think however that some people are missing two related points.
      a) England still claims connections to the Commonwealth, a network of countries with access to large markets and cheap resources. Perhaps they are banking on “off-shore” depositories of wealth and freedom from particular EU regulations.
      b) Many of the foreigners that Englanders see around them are from countries in this Commonwealth and some are in fact British citizens. “Dealing with” migration and refugees will not return them to some Saxon idyll. I think that an economic viewpoint is at the heart of the matter and that the terrorism angle has given them wider popular support.

  4. The Real Jane

    Now I may be mistaken, but I see a couple of MEPs. Ming isn’t actually suggesting that every single MEP needs to be at every single meeting, regardless of the subject matter? Not that I know any of the specifics of what they were talking about today, but mere attendance regardless of what the subject is or the relevance to you is a pretty stupid waste of time.

  5. Mulder

    Shrr it be simple they are all watching the match.
    Or preparing to watch it.
    Or getting all oiled up to watch it with few beers.

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