Was It Something We Said?



Donald Trump arriving at Shannon Airport in May 2014

Irish Central reports:

Donald Trump has canceled the Irish-leg of his Scottish and Irish tour, which was to include a visit to his golf and hotel property in Doonbeg, County Clare, IrishCentral has learned exclusively.

Stephanie Grisham, Press Tour Director for the Trump campaign, confirmed that the trip would be to Scotland only but did not discuss a reason for the change.

Earlier the press charter information was released by the campaign, which failed to show any Irish leg to the trip.


EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump cancels trip to Ireland next week (Irish Central)

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Trump Marred

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27 thoughts on “Was It Something We Said?

    1. Sam

      Forelock tugging isn’t a sustainable policy. Cowardice doesn’t inspire respect.
      Showing a bit of spine occasionally garners a bit more respect than craven bootlicking.

  1. JD

    Thank god we missed that circus. The establishment wouldn’t have known how to navigate it. Clare Daly et al must be disappointed to miss a good protest opportunity…

  2. Eoin

    The alternative to Trump is Hillary. That, unfortunately is reason enough to vote for Trump. I’m PRAYING for Trump to win. But I’ve an awful feeling that Hillary will get it. If Hillary gets in we get more war. Simple as that. If she gets in we get TTIP. All based on what her Wall St backers want. Also, you gotta bare in mind that Wail St has just witnessed the rise of Bernie and Donald. Two men who have vowed to end the party for Wall St. If Hillary gets in this will represent, potentially, the last chance Wall St gets to line it’s pockets. They will loot the system completely and grab even more power. This is why TTIP is coming up now. They’ve tried to push it before but nobody would allow it. Now they NEED it cos it might be their last chance to get it passed. Hillary represents the beginning of the end game for the west. Trump, unfortunately is the last chance for sanity. As insane as that sounds. He’s also being totally demonised by the establishment, which can’t be all that bad. Big problem people really have with Trump is his crazy world views are in line with US mainstream views. That’s gonna take some getting used to. .

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        He really could. The polls now don’t mean too much. Clinton might be indicted, Wikileaks are planning on leaking big stories on her, there’s bound to be another mass death event or two before November, Trumps press sec was saying how he’ll move to the middle in his policy speal over time. He really could win. I hope he’s humiliated but I would not bet on that.

    1. Nigel

      Clinton’s an entrenched political operator and the least worst option. Trump’s a con-man and a fraudster and increasingly a demagogue. It’s just bizarre that anyone would want to give him political power over people’s lives, especially considering the way he’s exercised his commercial power over people’s lives.

  3. John

    He didn’t want to be seen to go soft on terrorism. He has stated publically that he will not allow people from countries with a history of terrorism into the USA.

    Our country does have a history of terrorism

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Ably supported by deluded, misty eyed yanks who miss the “Aul Sod” that they never visited. American money paid for Libyan weapons. Globalisation in action!

  4. Eoin

    Clinton is burning through her campaign donations. Trump has yet to begin EVEN collecting donations. Everything that can be said about Trump has been said. Every slur, every accusation, every skeleton in his closet has been revealed. But the media has been silent on all the dirt the Clintons have been into over the years. Check out Roger Stone, who he is and what he’s written and how dangerous he is for Hillary. Also, either the State Department does something about Hillarys email scandal or the FBI will. She could still end up in jail. If the FBI don’t leak the info then Wikileaks have said they will. Either way her campaign will hurt badly by revelations. The authorities may be forced to act. Bernie is the only dem candidate who can challenge Trump, no dirt on Bernie.

  5. Eoin

    Latest Reuters poll shows 50% US citizens in support of a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US. It’s gone up after the Florida murders. So it looks like the whole country is swinging to the right. So what do we do? Alienate Trump and the US nation on the whole? Are we with the US on this or not? Also, if the UK decides to Brexit then I’d expect them to adopt similar attitudes towards Islam. We will be stuck between two anti Islamic nations…sort of. Bit of a conundrum.

  6. Fully Keen

    Boot licking is the Irish way. We have licked the boots of every invader we ever had, the Vikings, the Normans, NAMA, yer ma, Apple, IBM, England (even gave them a slice of land), any oil company with a long pipe and a foreign accent, John who lives at number 22 and his wife, U.K. Retailers of any shape and form, those German brothers with the cheap beer and sausage, any US president who landed and pretended to enjoy our black big water.

    One more fat lad with millions in the bank won’t hurt us.

    I’m tugging my forelock, are YOU?

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