You May Like This: SCOUNDRELL




What you may need to know

01. Decent Irish hip-hop with an avant-garde tinge from young, Cork-based producer SCOUNDRELL.

02. One of a multitude of projects emerging from one of an innovative and prolific group of young musicians/meme-peddlers in Cork City, SCOUNDRELL takes grime and hip-hop and puts them through some very odd filters.

03. Streaming above in its entirety is Black Box Renaissance, a collection of demos and other bits assembled from quick-and-dirty productions from the past few weeks.

04. Also available is the Lithic EP, a rather more concise exercise in darker electronics.

Verdict: A mad confab of low-key beats and experimentation, well worth the trip for anyone so inclined.


3 thoughts on “You May Like This: SCOUNDRELL

  1. rory

    Another interesting contribution from Cork.
    Mike, do you know anything about the Cork music scene? I mean, is this kind of noodling a new development in the area?
    This and yesterday’s Karla Turner post, it’s nice to see.
    The above music isn’t my cup of tea but it’s nice to see something that isn’t a bland hipster band.

    Also what about Waterford? Anything of interest from that area? (I’m not from there btw, so feel free to be critical if there nothing of interest there. If you want to answer this, that is.)

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