25 thoughts on “Virtual Reality

  1. Bruncvik

    I for one, spend about four hours per day in the virtual fantasy that is Broadsheet, and only 30 minutes per day walking to/from work. So it’s pretty accurate, as far as I am concerned.

    1. The Old Boy

      Yes, but it’s Dublin 7, the old motor tax office on Chancery Street behind the Four Courts.

  2. Starina

    that wall only ever has corporate murals. in this case, corporate condescension no doubt geared to make us buy something. god, we’re all going to hell.

  3. Cabbage Bazooka Firing Squad

    Could anything sum up broadsheet better than a load of commenters quacking about their own pet snarks while missing a small but cute joke. Nothing. Nothing could. Unless it was somehow Fine Gael and the feminists fault.

  4. Custo

    There’s a few of them around town with the hashtag #makeaminuite. It’s some advertising campaign or other. It’s all very exciting.

  5. CousinJack

    The homeless should be grateful for all that fresh air they get, unlike the homed sat in front of their tvs watching soccer, the voice, GoT

  6. Mulder

    Welcome to cyber hell, just like, the normal hell except, with computers and nerds as an extra bonus.

  7. :-Joe

    Does this mean we won’t need houses anymore?

    How does he recharge it while outside?… Sola energy, photo votaic?…


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