You May Like This: Hare Squead



HARE SQUEADdebut major-label single If I Ask, upcoming festival shows

What you may need to know…

01. More Irish hip-hop, this time from Dublin-based trio HARE SQUEAD.

02. Having racked up the laundry-list of Irish independent music milestones, including appearances all over the festival circuit and the gamut of TV and radio appearances, the lads signed to major label Columbia (an imprint of Sony) in January, joining a small but growing list of independent Irish acts to have been courted by the bigs (see also: Le Galaxie, All Tvvins).

03. Streaming above is the video for debut major-label single If I Ask, available now across all digital platforms, and currently on rotation on MTV, of all channels.

04. Catch ’em next at Castlepalooza on June 2, and Longitude on June 15.

Verdict: One of Irish music’s real success stories of the past few years, HARE SQUEAD have it all ahead of them.



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26 thoughts on “You May Like This: Hare Squead

          1. arghonaut

            I’d take 66e, Adebisi Shank, Cast of Cheers, or early Hare Squead over any of their major label incarnations. It’s really quite sad.

      1. Common Projekts

        Just so yis all know, this track was produced before Hare Squead signed to the evil major label. By the band. Not the evil major label. Funny, who would have thought a group of teenagers would make pop music, eh?

  1. arghonaut

    This is what we celebrate now!

    66e become Le Galaxie and sound like an EDM act that can’t write a chorus for love nor money.
    Adebisi and Cast of Cheers become All Tvvins and sound like One Direction with guitar riffs.
    Hare Squead sign to a major label and immediately lose all individuality and become a heavily tailored product.

    But they’re irish acts signed to MAJOR INTERNATIONAL labels, so we should all celebrate that notion rather than rueing the fact that we can’t sustain the interesting acts that they were beforehand and they have had to sell out in the extreme to get anywhere… Oy Vey.

    1. Mike McGrath-Bryan

      Personally: I’d be in agreement, though I like Le Galaxie and did so all along, in an ’80s synth-pop way. All Tvvins’ first single was excellent, also, though I can’t say I relate to newer efforts myself. That’s not to say they’re objectively bad, just that they’re not so much my thing.

      I do think majors worked best when they let artists be themselves and did the marketing work instead of vice versa, and the decline of the majors can be traced almost to the point where that balance shifted. They could do with a shift back to that model, but I’m not sure if that horse hasn’t bolted.

      Nor is it to say such acts don’t have a place on a column about independent Irish artists, if that’s where they’re coming from. It’s a matter of interest to music nerds and casual listeners alike. Art is subjective (as the column’s title suggests), and it’s down to the listener to get into it or not.

      If it’s not your thing, there’ll be something else I dig personally (or feel is of interest owing to its connection to independent Irish music) tomorrow and the rest of the week, and if you don’t like something, something else will hopefully get your attention.

      1. arghonaut

        Ah, I’m not having a go at you… I’m decrying a long dead industry that could sustain the more interesting acts because their margins were so great that it didn’t make a dent in their overall profits. These days a band has to make money fast of they’re dropped and I think that leads to bands self moderating and less interesting music happening as a result. I’ve been banging this drum since seeing the live beast that was Melaton transmogrified into a diet Coldplay once Sony got their hands on them.

        Here, you may like this*:

        *must declare that I’m friends with a couple of the guys in the band but I do think they’re reaching for something a bit different, even if I am biased.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Air doesn’t pay the bills tho, so you make some money and free up the time and toe hold in the industry to push more what you want next time.


    “though I like Le Galaxie and did so all along”


    ‘I new them before they were………

    Yeah & half of the Midwest went from Slayer to Eminem overnight in the mid 90’s.


    Who’s gonna give me odds that soon some nu-hipster will drop his cans around his neck
    on the luas, only for the commuters to hear Beethoven piano concerto #5
    squeal out?

    GET F’D.

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