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  1. Deluded

    Despite the headlines above it is still not clear if Britain/UK/England will remain or leave the EU. I presume that England is planning on turning to the “commonwealth” for access to markets and resources, but also to offshore depositories for wealth and toxic waste free of oversight and pesky EU regulations. They will certainly not save any money on administration, I would suggest that the bureaucracy must now expand to account for the extra layers and borders that will be introduced.
    I would posit that the good people of Sheffield (70% leave) Hartlepool (70% leave) and Basildon (68% leave) who worry about the foreigners around them don’t realise that most of these immigrants are from this commonwealth and many are actually British citizens. Leaving the EU may expose the readers of The Sun and The Star to economic abuse and manipulation and erosion of rights while offering none of the solutions promised on the front pages.

    1. Sido

      So its the inherent racism of the Little Englander and nothing whatsoever to do with a corrupt unelected totalitarian bureaucracy. Righto so.

      1. Deluded

        Yes I admit it’s hard to construct that argument, to be honest, without referencing xenophobia or jingoism or whatever has now given support to a longstanding campaign for eh, independence.
        My argument is based on the stats which suggest that young people voted overwhelmingly to remain (3-1 is a fair figure for those under 35)… surely they have most to lose from the tyranny of straight bananas and unwashed hordes.
        I’m going on a number of exit polls illustrated by this graphic on twitter via The Independent:

        … as I say, there are longstanding arguments about federalism and democracy but I am referencing the persistent and popular front-page headlines and the arguments they have presented.

  2. Harry Molloy

    Wow, didn’t think it would happen but that’s democracy and you have to respect it.
    There was an interesting article in the guardian yesterday about all the lies that the tabloids have been printing for years which I would be pisssed off about as a remain voter but that’s not the only reason for the vote but it has poisoned the atmosphere for years. The English tabloids are putrid.
    We’re not going so see much happen for a while but I predict the Scots will want a vote pronto as will SF, the unionists will fight tooth and nail, hopefully no violence…
    I don’t want the bigoted money pit that is NI anyway…
    Will get cheap to visit UK anyway. And duty free ☺

    1. Frilly Keane

      I didn’t think they’d Brexit either Harry
      Until this thread yesterday

      Fulla Farage Conceeds- Yes Win kinda stuff
      Pure scareing to help the Get Out The Vote teams

      We can snigger n’ sniff at the tabloids all we like
      But they win campaigns

    2. The Real Jane

      I’m not sure you do have to respect it. You have to accept it, but I do not think the victory of the arguments advanced by the leave campaign deserve respect. This was a victory for the poisonous tabloid mentality, distrust of anyone with expertise and very frightening xenophobia that is also bringing us tabloid he Trumper.

      This was a victory for people who bleat about democracy but vote so rarely that they’re surprised to see pencils provided and are so accustomed to seeing elite conspiracy that they think the pencils are part of a massive conspiracy to rub their votes out.

      This is nothing to be respected.

      1. Harry Molloy

        OK, I accept that.
        And I’m even someone who thinks that the EUROPEAN may need to be a little smarter about immigration, but completely abhor the large targets placed on groups and individuals heads by the tabloids to reach that end.
        The age profile of the yes vs no voters are interesting, the young vote overwhelmingly voting to remain, the older vote to leave – longing for the days of the empire no doubt

  3. The Real Jane

    I see the daily mail, having fostered disastrous xenophobia in the UK are taking their ridiculous campaign here.

    1. Frilly Keane

      It’s. Double Header
      The home side getting more tickets
      More Dole for the 5%
      ( Or is it even 5%…)

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