13 thoughts on “VP Indahouse

      1. Boj

        I was stopped at Inchicore yesterday eve for 20min waiting for this convoy to pass through to Kilmainham. One poor lady gard (who looked like a new recruit in an oversized uniform/hat) holding back the entire 3 lanes, she looked petrified! ha. Then came the convoy…Chevrolet (filled with suits)…Chevrolet(filled with ‘security’)..Merc (non irish reg) and so on…followed by our very own ‘security’…Hyundai….hyundai….hyundai estate…gwan the gardai, oh and there was a Fiesta coming up the rear (not a euphemism). It’s cool seeing those convoys rolling through. Still a kid at heart!

  1. Kolmo

    I’m gonna park there…pedestrian south King St, 8 seconds I’d say I’d last before the clamp4cash shades would appear…

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