23 thoughts on “They Think It’s All Over

    1. Tish Mahorey

      It’s only the publication in Ireland that tells the truth about all the dirty dealings that go on.

      It’s the light at the end of the endless tunnel of lies and corruption that is Ireland.

  1. Tish Mahorey

    Great article castigating the Irish Independent for their handling of Veronica Guerin and posthumously feeding off her reputation.

  2. Phelem O'Doherty-Mooney

    Harbo article says he has lost Enterprise Ireland (YES, that’s me and you tax payer) of €500K!

      1. Bonkers

        The article says he got €50k of EI money for PR Slides Ltd initially but then he got a further €250k, in the end it went into liquidation in Nov 2015 with losses of €112k. Before that he had operated iFoods from 2009 to 2011 and that too folded with Enterprise Ireland losing their €200k investment.

        So yeah, Harbo has blown half a million of taxpayers money on his daft schemes.

        1. Liam from Lixnaw

          I had worked on the original PR slides for the girl, she seemed nice and all but the idea wasn’t very good and its implementation was poor.

          EI waste money on lots of ideas – you wouldn’t believe half of the ideas they fire cash at.
          No need to comment on Harbo here.

        2. Kieran NYC

          Most new businesses fail. EI try to provide support so that they don’t. This is not a guarantee that they won’t.

      1. Anne

        They’re out of Europe.. they, the soccer team, they, the country.. Sterling’s taking a hammering.. like Rooney and Kane too.

        1. Anne

          I was never into Beano or anything, but I think like you follow the speech bubbles.. and like you get the context of the meaning from one speech bubble from the last one..and so on.

          1. Anne

            No bother. I should say, Sterling the currency and Sterling – as in Raheem Sterling. I think.

  3. Mulder

    England out of Europe, in fairness, have plenty of practice, as in the football team.
    Then have usual sindo and Brendan o`Connor and Desmond who are not out of Europe so to speak.
    Though, which would ye rather have in Europe the football team or sindo and o`Connor and Desmond.
    Say the british football team are harmless both on and off the field, while other 3, not so sure.

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