Are You In Seat 7B?


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Hello you.

Brian Carey writes:

I realise you don’t normally do this but I’ve had no luck anywhere else so I thought your readers might be of assistance.

I flew with Aer Lingus on Sunday last ( July 3) from Toulouse to Dublin and left my phone in the seat pocket of seat 7B.

When we contacted Aer Lingus, they were ‘unable’ to ask either the flight crews on the plane or the cleaning crews to see if the phone is still in the pocket.

It has to be found by someone and then logged as lost. So far, no luck, so I would greatly appreciate if you could ask any broadsheet readers who are flying Aer Lingus to check seat pocket 7B (and 7A & 7C just in case), or even better, if anybody knows they are on Aer Lingus plane St Mel, EI-DER, to check the seat pocket.

We know the plane was in Verona today and is going to Pula this evening. Many thanks.


34 thoughts on “Are You In Seat 7B?

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          I thought you’d never ask Mildred…

          1977 Low era Bowie.

          And if you’re doing requests I’ll have

          1958 Elvis Presley

          1954 James Dean

          2016 Tom Hardy

          1987 Mickey Rourke

          1986 Morrissey


          1981 Bryan Ferry please.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Those are some good choices. I’ll second Morrissey, and raise you a Wilburys-era George Harrison.

            My favourite Bowie might just be Jareth, which is not much of a surprise.

            I’ll throw in Luke Kelly because what a man, what a voice.

          2. Starina

            oh, Jareth. *swoon* though my fave fave might be the Thin White Duke. such a cruel pout

    1. Brian Carey

      that’s the annoying thing. Aer Lingus won’t ask anybody, cleaner or air crew to look in the seat pocket. They have to stumble across it themselves. Before a passenger pockets it.

      1. John

        I’d say you’d really really lucky if you got it back.
        That plane did 6 flights on Sunday alone…

  1. Mike Baldwin

    This will be some kind of miracle. I admire your optimism but I’d do the same tbh. Keep us posted

  2. Shayna

    A message of hope, I left my company mobile in my hotel room in Reims, France, while on holiday a number of years ago. After I got back to London, phoned the hotel, who’d found it under the bed (where else would it be?). They posted it to me, and received it 2 days later. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility to see a return of your phone. Also, I was just about to depart The Gatwick Hilton when I got a phone call from my office to say that they’d received a phone call from the Hilton to inform me that they had found my wallet/purse under my bed (where else?). Good luck Brian.

  3. manolo

    My son left his tablet on a Ryanair plane last week. We called them one hour later and were told to wait until the day after. We had no expectation of getting it back, but it did actually show up the next day with the guys that do L&F for Ryanair! I hope the same happens to you.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    It’s in the Lost and Found, along with Neil Prenderville’s decorum and Dolores O’ Riordan’s manners.

  5. Disasta

    Can’t understand not insuring your phone on its own or with house insurance.
    It’s probably one of the most used items in a persons inventory these days.
    Unless you’re one of those enviable weirdo’s who gets away without one.
    Oh how I envy you.

  6. H

    I’m guessing you haven’t installed the find my phone app then, have you contacted your provider to see if they can locate its whereabouts?

    1. Brian Carey

      it’s turned off. google or vodafone can’t find the phone until somebody turns it on. unless they’re clever enough to wipe it and put a new sim into it in which case I’ll never get it back.

      1. H

        Mmm, so it could either still be on the plane and yet to be found, or someone clever has taken it.

        Out of interest, do you know what happens if it is found by a ground crew outside of Ireland will it go to the local lost and found or does it get returned to the airline’s base in Ireland?

      2. Rob_G

        Well, if they start taking selfies of themselves, you might get an amusing blog out of it, if nothing else.

  7. Tish Mahorey

    “So I would greatly appreciate if you could ask any broadsheet readers who are flying Aer Lingus to check seat pocket 7B (and 7A & 7C just in case),”

    Get over yourself man.

  8. Papa P

    “It has to be found by someone and then logged as lost.”

    The other option is “found by someone and acquired for personal use / sold on etc etc”

  9. Damien Gannon

    Is the fact they cannot ask someone to check the plane not a security risk?!?!.

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