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  1. Fully Keen

    Everything should be ok now. Deport every one with a “foreign” accent. The white English speakers can stay. The country shall then be transported by magic to a mythical time when everything was better.

    Ignorance and fear.

    Dangerous stuff.

    1. Rob_G

      In what way are they the two tenets of the EU? Your conspiracy theory nonsense about the EU is becoming tiresome, I must say.

      1. topsy

        The decay of the EU has begun. The British people have spoken. Over time the EU will wither and die; thankfully.

        1. Rob_G

          That’s not beyond the realms of possibility (though I do hope not); but “ignorance and fear” – daft.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    So basically, successive British governments have either ignored them or inflicted harsh austerity on them so they decided to stick their fingers up at them, not in the general election just gone, but tin the election to leave the EU and then hope that the same party who was inflicting the austerity on them, not at the behest of the EU but in an effort to keep their AAA rating which they then lost 4 days after the vote, will help them.

    Who closed the bloody coal mines ffs

    1. Serv

      The Tories closed the mines, and it was the Tories who called and provided most of the funds and names for the leave camp.

      1. CousinJack

        Economic change closed the mines, it was inevitable with cheap primary resources from other countries

        1. Spaghetti Hoop


          ;) blameitonforeigners

  3. Ronan

    So they’ve voted against globalization, and believe that a post-EU Britain will start rebuilding it’s primary and secondary economic activities.

    Coal mines to reopen, the (presumably Coal-fired) local power plant to reopen, and the ‘chicken factory’ is to return from France.

    They’re going to be disappointed.

    1. DubLoony

      Will they get anyone to go down the pits? They ignore the effect of coal dust on miners lungs, premature deaths.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        The problem in places like Doncaster would be finding people who could fit down the pits.

        1. Domestos

          If we’re going along this vein, I saw a lot of smokers down that neck of the woods last time I were there [vis-a-vis lung damage].

  4. Condescending nana

    “it can’t get any worse for us” hahaha, really hun? you just wait and see what bright future you have regaled your lot.

    1. Rainy Day

      That was the best bit….wait until they see what comes next!!!!! …..some of the new era Tories want a return to Victorian era workers rights, and now with those pesky EU workers protection laws on the way out it could well happen. If Gove becomes Prime Minister (probably won’t happen) the north of England is going to get a whole lot grimmer….

      1. The Real Jane

        Indeed. I see, for example, Leadsom proposed a whole raft of worker’s rights that she’d be pleased to eliminate in the past.

  5. Rainy Day

    The poor fools…they haven’t a clue what they have voted for?…leave the EU because the mines closed?? That’s what you get for reading tabloids and watching Sky News.

  6. Joe cool

    The Irish who built the roads should threaten to take them back. Some leave voters would probably believe it

  7. Junkface

    The thing is the Leave voters were ignorant of everything is some parts of England. They could have read for a couple of hours about the EU and why it was better to stay for the future generations, and who was really behind the leave campaign and their lack of a plan, they have the bloody internet at their finger tips and they couldn’t be bothered infroming themselves. Lazy, lazy idiots! There’s no excuses for that kind of lazy stupidity, and the UK has it in droves

  8. Junkface

    If it was an X Factor vote then they would have made a better decision I think. Thickos!

  9. forfeckssake

    You’ve got a Tory government and you’re blaming immigrants for your problems.

  10. Junkface

    The mindset in Britain is so confused. The British Empire colonized most of the world, now foreigers from some or most of those countries have settled in Britain. This is what happens when you have an empire idiots!
    You reap what you sow.

  11. The People's Hero

    These people made their decisions with little understanding of what the EU actually is, what it does and how it does it. It would be hilarious if not so destructive. The EU played zero part in the economic devastation of the North. They did that to themselves.

    “it can’t get any worse for us….” Wanna bet?! Wait until there’s not a penny in the till for the benefits, development grants and structural funding that keeps economic wastelands like the north of England afloat…. Can’t see the austerity focused Tories giving a flying fork in the future because they never gave a flying fork for the Labour voting north in the past. UKIP will mop up…..

    Racist? Probably not by-and-large (save for that latent bigot gene the English seem to have). Ignorant, poorly informed and very, very narrow-minded? Yep… That’s your average Leave voter alright.

  12. Mulder

    Ehh, if i was from the Uk and reading, these comments, i would get the impression, that everyone who voted to leave the EU, thick, stupid, lazy, ignorant a bigot or racist.
    So much for european unity.
    Not sure all folks who voted to leave were or are lazy, ignorant, bigoted and stupid or racist.
    Some may well be but not them all.
    Just saying.

    1. The Real Jane

      *Not sure all folks who voted to leave were or are lazy, ignorant, bigoted and stupid or racist.*

      However, all the lazy, ignorant, bigoted and stupid or racist folks voted to leave the EU.

      Recalls what JSMill said about conservatives. Not all conservative people are stupid, but all stupid people are conservative.

  13. Isallimsaying

    The Tory Govt. stated a leave victory would bring austerity, but they went ahead and voted out. Carte Blanche for the next lot in power to unleash hell.

  14. Mulder

    Well suppose they could be honest and say, it was the French.
    Do not like the French.
    But then what about the Germans and the wars.
    Obviously not too gone on the Italians or the spanish.

  15. CousinJack

    Amazing. How self righteous and arrogant commentators on the British voters are. Be those British voters ignorant, tacist, or whatever, the decision to leave was more democractic then any actions undertaken by the EU. And why were any of you surprised when the majority of British people voted to leave, when the largest British Party in the EU is UKIP.
    The majority of leave voters would describe themselves as socialist, it would be better for the leftie people in Ireland to build bridges rather than burn them

    1. Nigel

      After all these years of stupid, profligate FF rule during the boom and crash, and the thundering incompetence of FG/Labour during austerity, we may not be in a position to throw stones, but I don’t think we’ve any illusions left about the sanctity of the electorate or the wisdom of crowds.

  16. some old queen

    Excellent video which goes someway to explaining what happened in Britain, although it might take some more real interviews to articulate the points.

    The difference was that unlike Ireland, Britain did not join the Euro zone. Of course nobody VOTED to join the Euro it just seemed to miraculously happen one morning. It was the ultimate subversion of democracy by people yet to be named.

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