For Your Consideration: Amazing People




Patrick Corr writes:

Amazing People is my new series about truly inspirational people who make the world a better place. In this episode, I visit Cork Animal Care Society and show you the incredible people who rescued Stevie the Blind Cat and so many other wonderful animals! I also get to meet lots of cute animals on my trip… enjoy :)

Cork Animal Care

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3 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Amazing People

  1. Phelem O'Doherty-Mooney

    A cat! A cat on a fupping leash! On a mountain!

    “Amazing people”. Jesus, this YT generation has no idea what ‘amazing’ means. How about doing a piece on underpaid respite carers?

    1. Marina

      Maybe they’ll do that next week. Why does it have to be people vs animals? We can help everyone.

      Why do causes always have to be pitted against each other. Homeless vs refugees for example. It doesn’t need to be a choice. Shup moaning and go shoot a video highlighting the plight of carers.

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