The West’s First Craft Beer Festival



The White Hag Brewery, Sligo open day, December 2015

Sligo’s Controversial craft brewer The White Hag is TWO.


Paul Mullin, of the ‘Hag,  writes:

The White Hag Brewery in Ballymote, Sligo are inviting beer fans from around Ireland to celebrate their second birthday on  July 23..

Following a hugely successful open day at Christmas where over 160 people availed of the opportunity to see inside of Sligo’s first brewery in over 100 years, we are throwing the doors open once again. But this time they are bringing their brewing buddies….

We’re hosting Kinnegar from Donegal, Beavertown and Redchurch Brewery from London, Black Donkey from Roscommon, Otter Bank and Yellow Belly from Wexford.

Tickets cost only €20 and include all of the above + more, and for those who don’t have a designated driver, Irish Rail are doing a special €30 return fare from Dublin, or €9 from Sligo. With Bands, DJs, Brewer Panel discussions, shouting and roaring, etc – sure you couldn’t miss it!

The party is running from 3pm – 9.30pm, with the late after party in The Swagman from 10pm.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to a BS reader who can successfully complete this sentence:

‘I alone deserve the damn White Hag tickets because_____________________’ .

Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT

The White Hag’s Second Birthday

The White Hag Brewery

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27 thoughts on “The West’s First Craft Beer Festival

  1. Joni2015

    I went to a craft beer festival in Berlin. It was €2.50 entrance fee. Of course Berlin can’t compare to Sligo.

  2. missred

    Hmmm, unless you are offering to pay for accommodation too, this prize is not really worth it for anyone who lives outside the vicinity of the after party…

  3. Cian

    I alone deserve the damn White Hag tickets because because it was meant to be a hag (hen/stag combined) weekend for my best mate that weekend, but got cancelled and we’re all still booked off work.

  4. Fully Keen

    Wasn’t there a beer festival in Killarney this year?

    South west, is that still west?

  5. Tony

    Celebrating its second birthday???.. And its a craft beer? How can these johnny come lately’s masquerade as craft when they have only been around for such a short time? Oh, because hipsters…

    1. Nigel

      Probably because they’re a fledgling enterprise working hard to promote and celebrate their work? Personally offensive to you, I know, but there you go.

      1. Tony

        No Nigel. I am a big fan of start-ups. I am not a fan of people appropriating terms like craft when they are nothing like that. Craft implies a skill, a tradition, something artisan that has been developed over time. Not just a quick mix, a beard and a vintage logo. 2 years… Ha!

        1. ivan

          well whether you like it or not, ‘craft’ in the context of beer or cider is merely shorthand for ‘not mass produced’.

          Language evolving. It’s a thing.

          1. Tony

            Like I said. They appropriated the term and gave it a completely different meaning to imply that it is something which it is not.

        2. Nigel

          Craft is method, developed over time. Anyone ca learn, adopt or revive a craft at any time, or develop their own based on old and new methods. Since they’re throwing open their brewery, I imagine they’re quite confident in and proud of theirs.

          1. garthicus

            Agreed Nigel, and White Hag are one of the few Irish craft breweries who are offering genuinely well made beers vs. the multitudes who are in it for a quick buck.

          2. Tony

            Glad you agree that multitudes are in it for a quick buck. Pretty much what I thought. Misusing the craft moniker and giving the others a bad name while at it.

  6. garthicus

    ‘I alone deserve the damn White Hag tickets because I never got the signed Angry Birds figurine that I won on Broadsheet weeks ago that I promised my little boy was on the way’

  7. Tarfton Clax

    I alone deserve it because I have bravely sacrificed my Liver in the quest to find the perfect beer and I need to complete my quest before I…

  8. Pol

    ‘I alone deserve the damn White Hag tickets because I’ve been sober for three weeks now and it sucks’.

  9. Lorraine

    Wow Tony. I would assume since you know so much about the White Hag you will be at the event? Or, if you aren’t, how about you purchase a ticket and show up so you can see what they are all about instead of being so quick to judge.

    I’ve been there for a tour by the Brewmaster and he clearly has a passion and a substantial amount of knowledge for what he’s doing and is trying to incorporate ancient Celtic brewing methods into his “craft” beer along with new and upcoming unique styles. Stop being a know it all, negative Nancy and appreciate that this is more than a hobby for some people…it’s their life.

  10. Catherine McEntee

    I alone deserve the damn White Hag tickets because it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’d love to have getting flutered in this marvellous Sligo brewery trip in the pipeline to look forward to.

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