Anti Paparazzi Scarf


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The ISHU – a €340 scarf designed by Access All Brands with ‘anti-flash’ technology engineered to blow out the exposure of flash photography, supposedly thwarting pesky paps (and, presumably, opportunistic mates at the ugly end of a long night out).


10 thoughts on “Anti Paparazzi Scarf

    1. rory

      Could that be used in not so democratic nations, to prevent recordings of human rights abuses?

      1. Kieran NYC


        The revolution shall not be Facebook-Live’d.

        Also be handy for US police not to be filmed shooting black people.

  1. Starina

    betabrand have been selling these (as well as jacket and shoe and bag versions) for quite awhile now.

  2. Mulder

    Or the cheap version, one ordinary towel, with tin foil on one side, now ye may look a bit odd carrying that around.
    But not as odd and weird as when ye throw it over yer head and start running for ehh fear of the paps.
    Strange times indeed.

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