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  1. Eliot Rosewater

    Yeah, I also see cycle lanes in both pictures.

    We might have a different understanding of what ‘missed place’ means, though.

    1. Yeah, Ok

      Careful now… it’s much more likely that cars will be banned. In the long run it certainly is, as well as more healthy and cost effective for the running of a modern city. I can’t wait for the day!

      1. Kieran NYC

        Self-driving cars in 20 years will be much safer, so everyone wins.

        Ok… maybe 30 years in Ireland. Have to factor in all those committees, reports, white papers, strikes, Joe Duffy sessions, etc before we realize a good idea is a good idea.

        1. Yeah, Ok

          That’ll bring with it self-parking areas outside the city. There will be drop-off points near the city centre and the car will go park itself up while the owners toddle off to do their thing. No cars required. Lovely :)

  2. Disasta

    Yeah I can see how buses and cyclists will do well together in one lane.

    Dublin City Council, unfit

  3. 15 cents

    weird that a cyclist would even pay attention to road markings. they dont seem to abide by any other laws of the road, why would he be bothered by this? he’s just going to cycle where and when he likes anyway.

  4. Turgenev

    Bus lanes are also cycle lanes. And may I give a shout-out to Dublin bus drivers, who are (99.9% of them) careful and considerate around cyclists.

    1. Disasta

      Doesn’t matter if they are, in the long run disaster is guaranteed.
      It’s a poor mix large vehicles and bicycles.

    2. sqoid

      Agree. Dublin Bus drivers are on the whole very good with cyclists (newer operators could improve)
      It’s the taxis in the bus lane though that have the real threatening interactions with bicycles.

      A lot of road users need to rethink their attitudes to sharing space with buses. Cyclists, drivers and pedestrians could do well to remind themselves that there’s potentially 60 people on that bus and a slight inconvenience to yourself is minuscule in comparison.

      1. Toe Up

        “It’s the taxis in the bus lane though that have the real threatening interactions with bicycles”

        And Garda in their private vehicles who shouldn’t be in the bus lanes in the first place.

  5. Tish Mahorey

    Bring in the 30km speed limit and drivers will get pissed off driving between the canals. Then pedestrians, cyclists and public transport and reclaim the city as it used to be in the olden days when your Dad could leave his bike unlocked at O’Connell bridge and then give yer ma a cross-bar home to her parents house at a reasonable hour.

  6. misfit

    Looks like they have just realigned the markings. There was a shared cycle/bus lane on the other side of the road now that side has a cycle only lane (albeit with a bin truck parked in it).
    The roadway is only so big and cycle only lanes can’t fit on both sides so I’d imagine the change has come about due to research and decision making by DCC.

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