March For Mary


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From top: Ballyshannon Garda Station in Co Donegal; Mary Boyle

Free today?

A demonstration to highlight concerns about the case of Mary Boyle will take place today at 2pm in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.

Supporters will meet at The Abbey Arts Centre on Tirconnell Street before marching to Ballyshannon Garda Station.

Interview with organiser Naomi Brady via Highland Radio here

Mary Boyle: The Untold Story

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Mary Boyle on broadsheet.


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This afternoon.

Ballyshannon, Co Donegal.

Mary Boyle’s twin sister Ann Doherty (pic 2 ) joins supporters on today’s demonstration.

Pics courtesy of Mick Caul


15 thoughts on “March For Mary

  1. moroccan rug dealer

    Hundreds marching in Ballyshannon yet RTE at 3 o clock news report 100 in galway standing re nice , france attack. Something wrong here. Terrible , disgraceful prejudice .

  2. rotide

    Mary Boyle was a hoax, a false flag operation. Wake up sheeple.

    See? It’s not nice is it.

  3. moroccan rug dealer

    I do , Steve. There’s a paedophile sickening circle in Donegal. And publicity helps to stop it. And i believe our national broadcaster RTE, should give prime time viewing to a historical case …that’s sadly what this little girl’s case is. Hundreds of garda who searched for that little girl were heartbroken with children themselves at the time. They raised the red flag. Maurice Mc Cabe raised the red flag, John Wilson did. And look at what happened to them. And their cases are not historial. Politics/ policing a toxic mix.

    1. Cot

      Yep, the Donegal police have been covering up a lot of very sick things for the last three decades. Everyone who lives in Donegal knows this.

  4. Truth in the News

    Large dignified march well over a thousand people, this gives notice for a wake up
    and a shake up, one also wonders about the Garda search organised the day before
    what forensic planning went into it, was it carried out to thawrt the rise of public
    anger about their handling of the issue and one wonders if the mass of survey material produced under the TELLUS Geological Survey has been sought by the Guards or indeed if ground penetrating radar has been employed.
    There was a noticable absence of the State Broadcaster or its local correspondent
    or the esteemed RTE Crime Correspondent doing any steet interviews, yet latter
    was able to make a dramatic input to the RTE Radio 1 news at One the other day
    about the excavation in the Cashelard townland, was it leak or a press release
    The Public have lost confidence in the so called institutions of the State and it
    seems that this only the beginning of the populace taking to the streets.

    1. Paddy

      You can read the timeline of Garda operations, RTE non-reporting, and silence from political parties like a book.

    2. Kdoc1

      Have they even bothered to interview the two retired Gardaí who were central to the original investigation?

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