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  1. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

    The Daily Torygraph

    Looking forward to the headlines when the economy slows down.

  2. Fully Keen

    “Fellas in Europe told us something about laws”.

    Government given free reign to monitor everything and make disagreeing with politicians online a crime.

    “Not me saying it, fella in the department above me”.

    1. Twunt

      how long did it take to deport the know ISIS recruiter ?

      anyone the comes to Europe and show any tendency towards radical Islam, terrorism or Jihad should be fupped out on their ear.

      But knowing the bleeding heart gobshites that populate so much of our system, they would prefer we given them a free gaff, disability payments and a polite talking to from a judge as we don’t want to upset them.

      1. The Real Jane

        *But knowing the bleeding heart gobshites that populate so much of our system, they would prefer we given them a free gaff, disability payments and a polite talking to from a judge as we don’t want to upset them.*

        Poor old you. Reduced to imaginary outrages to vent your spleen against.

    1. some old queen

      So a gay man says ‘what a waste’ to the loss of a young life and in your mind there has to be some sort of sexual intent?

      Yes you are right, everything hasn’t changed a tiny little bit.

        1. Starina

          Bodger – badatmemes, or one of his incarnations anyway, should really be banned. or at least have these kind of gay-bashing comments removed.

    2. Paddy

      That sure must have been strong sauce you drank last night. What kind of rant was that?

  3. Harry Molloy

    If Coveny delivers on decent 250k homes then his name will go down as one of the greats, up there with Lemass.

    1. Paddy

      It should be possible. There are large tracts of state-owned land in Dublin. Has he freed up these in order to build?

      1. Harry Molloy

        haven’t read in detail but am pretty sure there was mention of buying land from state owned companies

  4. Paddy

    Just looking at various photographs of May and Merkel together. What a difference in demeanour between May (whose country would now be the ‘bad boy’) and Kenny (whose country is Europes wallet). May strides with a confident air, as an equal, while Kenny runs alongside like the scullery boy he is, and ignored.

  5. Harry Molloy

    I don’t know why the media gives such deference to Angela Merkel, like she is the EU. As head of the largest country and contributor, with the most individual voting power, she is certainly worth listening to, but the media seems to be affording some sort of quasi Emperor status to her which she does not deserve and which is damaging to the Union and was probably a contributor to Brexit.
    She can’t make unilateral decisions or anything like that so lets stop giving her more air than she deserves.

    my rant for the day.

    1. The Real Jane

      Completely agree. I think there’s a tendency to focus on a familiar character – it makes the story simple for both the reader and the journalist who can’t be bothered understanding how the EU works as well.

      I note that RTE are very keen to flag up our enhanced contribution in a very ukippy fashion as EU ROBS FUNDS FOR NEW HOUSING OFF US, THE SLIMEBAGS!

    2. Caroline

      It’s not a quirk of the media to focus on Merkel. Germany is powerful in the EU for a huge range of factors, most of which have been intensified since the adoption of the euro. Basically its size and economic strength, particularly its exports. UK apart, look at the next biggest countries in the EU. France is almost as big as Germany but does not have anything like its influence. That’s not (solely) because of personality politics, it’s because France is not an economic engine in the way Germany is, e.g. doesn’t have the power to extend the level of loans that Germany has post-crash, is hamstrung economically in other ways. Some of the next biggest countries include Italy (weak economy, unstable government), Spain (same), Poland (ahem), etc.

      When you get down to the softer political reasons, Merkel has temperament that seems generally calm, almost impassive, practical, she engages strongly with the EU, willingly accepts a leadership role and is prepared to take on some fairly sh*tty jobs that nobody else wants to touch (Turkey, Russia). It starts to become self-fulfilling.

      1. Harry Molloy

        don’t disagree with any of that but I’d be afraid that citizens would forget, if they even know, what the mechanics of the union are. there’s no unilateral decisions.

        1. Caroline

          Maybe there there are people who believe Germany could make unilateral decisions. Far more likely there is a majority of people who understand that it would be virtually impossible for a major decision to be made without getting Germany on board.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    May delaying Brexit plan is very unwise. A year of uncertainty will lead to ugly scenes on the streets.

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