34 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. Brother Barnabas

    He sent naked photos of himself and arranged to meet up for sex…

    So that’s wrong now?

    1. some old queen

      I think the point is that his behavior was not appropriate for an MLA. I am sure similar eyebrows would be raised if it was a TD. And he was a member of the policing board which would been considered a security risk.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Admittedly only from ready the first two paragraphs, the “strangers” he was arranging to meet for sex was actually “an undercover Sunday Life reporter”. Sheer scumbaggery on the part of that reporter and that paper.

        1. some old queen

          It is only a couple of years since they stopped publishing personal details of gay men out cruising. Most were on suicide watch afterwards.

          The may be the sister paper of the Belfast Telegraph but there is no limits to what they do to get a headline. Horrible people.

      2. Deluded

        I’m raising my eyebrows at the thought that no other politician has engaged in extracurricular activities.
        The article cites “personal security”, a flimsy excuse that supposes he is naïve with people he meets yet simultaneously astute enough to be on the policing board.

        1. rory

          Do you remember the Ashley Madison leaks? I can remember unconfirmed tweets about one Irish politician whose name came up (using Oireachtas email no less. On hearing this, one tweeter tried opening an AM account using the Oireachtas email in question. To his delight, the website informed him that said email was taken!)
          I think there may have been more than one politician.
          At any rate, the press decided that it was none of our business.
          I think they were right to do so, although there is an evil part of me that wishes it went public, simply because I don’t like the politician or the party he resides in.

          1. Deluded

            Yeah, if the behaviour was counter to their public behaviour* or a policy position, but an affair isn’t a crime (though it is hurtful if the spouse is not aware or doesn’t want to know).
            There are actual crimes, real shameful stuff, with actual victims that the press could look at, expose, ensnare if they must.
            I think this was a cheap shot at the MLA and a pointless humiliation by the “Newspaper Of The Year”.

            *Josh Duggar, for instance, who profited from espousing “family values”.

    2. Kieran NYC

      Absolutely no public interest angle to republishing the pictures to shame him.

      That paper rivals the Sun for sheer scumbaggery.

  2. some old queen

    Sligo Weekender: Trumps mate has Sligo roots. As opposed to Trump who has polyester ones so.

    1. some old queen

      What is really frightening is that the USA equivalent of ISIS may get elected.

  3. Disasta

    Constant media coverage of mass murders during and post event is sickening. It’s like they’re promoting them.

    1. rotide

      That’s always something that’s struck me and even more so with the increase of the lone wolf style attacks.

      I’d wonder if the media didn’t report on the name or background of the perpetrator would it make any difference in encouragaing further attacks

  4. Kieran NYC

    Apparently that German gunman was just a ‘drama llama’ and online and other bullying has absolutely no psychological effect and professional trolls like Milo Whatshisface are just fine and dandy.

    They should put on their big boy pants and get over it.

    Or so some commenters on here would have you believe.

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