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    1. Maria

      Agree with you there Ned Flanders. Every now and then Redacted gets worried that the Pixieheads might be ignoring his threats and his bank balance so he gets one of his Minnions to trot out photos like this. BTW what have Irish Water being spending our hard earned Pension Reserves on? Water is still crap in this country!

      1. some old queen

        Despite the expensive Irish water spin, upgrades of this nature are not currently under their remit. They are too busy grabbing the non domestic billing it appears.

        The blame for this sort of thing is usually twofold. Successive governments for the decades of under (if any) centeralised funding and also, the Local Authority for just not having their act together.

  1. dav

    new tactic my redacted’s gang to try and justify the existence of their water privatisation company

    1. dav

      ireland a modern eu member??
      that’s not the way to call a nation of indentured slaves to the ecb

  2. Disasta

    Don’t drink the water from the tap down here or cook with it any more.

    Find start to feel down and a little depressed after a few months here.
    A colleague asked was I drinking the tap water and said he thought it was poor.
    Stopped and a few weeks of bottled water later felt fine.

    A few months after that I switched back with a Brita filter on the tap water (cheaper than bottled).
    Girlfriend said, after a few weeks, I was down again.
    Stopped drinking the tap water and back on bottled, feel fine.

    Always wonder has it something to do with all the petrochemical/pharma stuff around.

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