12 thoughts on “Tear Down This Wall

  1. Brian S

    Remember 6 years ago, when Broadsheet didnt sell posts to fupp wits with youtube accounts who learned video editing in DIT for a year then decided they could be the next big thing…….i yearn for those days

  2. Junkface

    Where is that No Leather Jacket Guy Extension on for Chrome? I’m sick of seeing the latest diarrhea from this Monkeys rectum of a man.


  3. Mulder

    Ahh, look as the politicans will tell ye both north and south, the people are soverign but have feck all and no bleeding kingdom to speak of.
    But they will tell ye the people have spoke and not sure once again what they have said if they have said anything or if what they have said, they may change their minds.

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