The Wardrobe Of Evil




Further to the conviction of Marta Herda for murder yesterday.

Dancost writes:

Hillary accepts the nomination stateside and ‘Repeal the 8th’ seems to be scrawled on every second wall in Dublin. And a female journalist writing for the Irish Independent pens anarticle on the ever changing wardrobe of Marta Herda during her murder trial:

‘Some days she carried not one but two statement leather handbags as she began to find her fashion feet.

Herda also began wearing a pair of trendy dark glasses – by the end of the trial, she could have passed for one of the legal secretaries sitting in on her trial.

One could never imagine that the well-groomed, harmless-looking woman was actually accused of murder.’

Struggling to remember the last time I saw an article written about the fashion choices of man on trial for murder. Holding the cause back a bit eh?

How Herda Sharpened her Look During Murder Trial (Irish Independent(

97 thoughts on “The Wardrobe Of Evil

  1. Starina

    let’s face it, girls. we’re only as valuable as our looks, which should walk a careful line between not-femme-fatale, not-prudish, suitable for our age and not-too-expensive. and we need to take on everyone else’s criticisms too, or we’ll never be perfect

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      “or we’ll never be perfect”

      You’re first mistake is thinking that as women we can ever reach the heady heights of perfection

      1. Starina

        b..but…but…perfection! how will i ever get that man if i’m not doll-like in my perfection?!

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          Man?! If you don’t have a man by now love, you’re done for, a dried up old hag with ZERO BABIES AND THEREFORE NO PURPOSE IN LIFE

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            NEG ME NEG ME!! Or at the very least, mansplain me some Nigel

          2. Nigel

            Well actually Nigel is an Anglo-Norman name brought over during the early invasions and which spread through the Irish clan structure converting them to Normanism until every third Irish child was christened Norman Nige. Funnily enough it was originally a girl’s name but was changed to a boys name when a girl was accidentally made Pope of Normanistan.

          3. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Nige, everyone knows feminists just want a bit of domination from an alpha-male. That’s all.

          4. Nigel

            We may be lying in the gutters, but some of us are just mudwrestling, for the crack, like.

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            If multiple people say it comes across as passive aggressive, there might be something in that. Though you know exactly what you are doing.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        Never said it was, I was just pointing out that its probably a bit unfair on Dancost sneering that it was written by a woman when she was probably told to do so by her bosses.

          1. Vote Rep #1

            Its from the Herald originally though I’d like to think that the legal editor of either paper wouldn’t have asked for a piece like that. I’m probably giving them too much credit though.

  2. Frunobulax

    This is the Irish Independent we’re referencing. Hardly unsurprising. For more rubbish see their lazy video-strewn belch of a website.

  3. Eamonn Clancy

    Men charged with murder don’t tend to dress differently from day to day. Unless of course you know otherwise???

  4. dhaughton99

    And its sister paper The Herald had a frontpage picture of the poor girls distinctive bike yesterday after she was raped. Any of her friends or neighbours now know she was the victim. Shocked when I seen it.

  5. The Real Jane

    At the same time, look at the front of the Sun which suggests that your man was killed for “loving too much”. From what the killer says, she was being constantly stalked and harassed by the victim for a couple of years. That’s not loving too much. My main issue with that is the re framing of this kind of behaviour as romantic or acceptable. What message does it give to people who are being treated in this way?

    The whole reporting of this case has been disgusting in its salaciousness, prurience and sensationalism.

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      It’s the rom-com thing though isn’t it? If you just annoy a woman enough with romantic gestures, even if they are unwanted, she will fall for you.

      1. The Real Jane

        Exactly. It’s an awful trope which causes misery for women who are victims of that kind of behaviour and misguided men who think that persistence should work.

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            You think that that study implies you, my husband or any other man as being responsible for those assaults?

            You can’t cure dumb like that.

            Nice way of bringing him in like that, it doesn’t make you like a manipulative a&&$hole at all. I’m done.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            No Don. I said nothing of the sort. And I believe you know very well I did not say anything remotely like that.

            Under that ‘1 in 5’ study, any person with drink taken before sex, is a person raped.

            That’s how they define rape in that study… one of the many ridiculous definitions of rape in the 1 in 5 study… which you support.

            What I am saying is that any woman drinking alcohol, and then has sex, is defined as having been raped in that study.

            Please note too, the reverse doesn’t count, a man with drink on him is not defined as rape, under any circumstances – a double standard I’m sure you’ll agree.

            And that’s a definition you support whenever you support the 1 in 5 studies findings. Which you have clearly supported on here.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      According to the dead man’s brother Herda was flirting constantly with him.

      The stalker line was a fake defence.

      But sure, you go on defending a murderer if you want. bet you wouldn’t have done it if the roles were reversed.
      It’s so depressingly sad the way even in this proven case, the man is made out to be the demon by some people, and he the victim.

      And that’s victim blaming, murderous woman excusing. Plain and simple.

      Disgusting …init.

      1. The Real Jane

        It’s not blaming the victim. I am in so sense saying that he’s in any way culpable. What I am saying is that the behaviour the killer described cannot be called “loving too much” and that the Sun’s headline is disgraceful. That’s all.

      2. forfeckssake

        I’m sure the man and his brother believed that but I don’t. The brother’s attitude to women doesn’t seem great.

        “Herda turned away from the jury and wept silently as a video was played of the deceased celebrating his last birthday with her and his family in his home.
        His brother could be heard telling her that SHE WAS HIS PRESENT. She could be heard replying that she h’ad come to warn the deceased that his manager knew he had lied when he had rung in sick.”

        1. Clampers Outside!

          She murdered him.

          She flirted at work with him. That’s in the evidence too. And not just from her brother.

          The man is the victim. This woman is a cold hearted murderer. Plain and simple.

          1. forfeckssake

            She murdered him after he harassed her. It doesn’t justify the murder but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. What other motive was suggested in the trial?

        2. Dancost

          Your comments here are beyond belief Forrfeckssakel. “She murdered him after he harassed her. It doesn’t justify the murder but doesn’t mean it isn’t true”. You you’re some how subtly implying that the poor defenseless woman had been driven to her wits end by this stalker.

          And murdered him.

          Cop on.

          1. Nigel

            More like accurately reframing the motive. (Asumming it is accurate.) Otherwise ‘she flirted with him therefore he was entitled to stalk her’ comes off a lot worse.

          2. Clampers Outside!


            “More like accurately reframing the motive. (Asumming it is accurate.)”

            You are disgusting mate.

            You are an SJW, no other logic can I see to explain this vile aspersion on a dead person, a proven murder victim. Just disgusting Nigel, I hope you can some day rise above your indoctrinated thinking.

          3. Nigel

            So he wan’t stalking her is that what you’re trying to say? I get that you’re seeing red but is there no possible way he could be a murder victim and a stalker? Or is it an offcial finding of the court that he wasn’t?

      3. Nigel

        Wait is it demonisation if he was actually stalking her and she was getting no help or support or protection? Or is it that that version of events can’t possibly be true?

        1. The Real Jane

          Well you can’t force someone to murder you by stalking them, so his behaviour in no way mitigates her guilt. My whole point (which appears to have gotten lost because Clampers has decided to purposefully misinterpret it to further his insane agenda) is that stalking is not loving someone too much and the Sun headline is a disgrace.

          1. Hank

            You’re both right.
            I’ve no idea why Clampers went a bit bonkers. Nothing either of you said was disrespectful to the victim,,

      4. Deluded

        Hi Clampers.
        I read a lot of reports but none of them gave that account, can you tell me where you read that she flirted with him?

  6. Caroline

    “Legal secretaries sitting in on her trial”

    Really? Didn’t realise the girls had so much time on their hands.

    Unless they weren’t legal secretaries, but were actually… no. Too awful to contemplate.

  7. jimmy russell

    she is clearly brainwashed by the patriarchy and suffers from internalized misogyny, she needs to be re-educated immediately.

  8. Frunobulax

    Please mainstream papers, put up paywalls so I can avoid the bored urge on commute to witness your daily diarrheal ejectamenta. Straitened enough on here with the fickle censorship and LJG floating turgidly by. Does anyone of you buy the Irish papers nowadays?

    1. Nigel

      I’m curious and on my phone, and hate trying to go rooting around looking for info on this thing. Did the court make some sort of ruling about which version of events it accepted?

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I hear ya, hate searching on a phone.

        Clearly, the court ruled for the victim Nigel. What’s disgusting is if the roles were reversed, none of this questioning of the victim would be tolerated. It’s a double standard. There is no argument of it being otherwise.

        1. Nigel

          Okay. If that’s the case then you’re right. I’m just having flashbacks to Fatal Attraction every time you talk about the roles being reversed, audiences cheering ‘Kill the bitch! ‘ Ugh.

          1. Nigel

            Er which is not to imply the guy was that level of… whatever, it’s just that was the cultural expression of it at the time.

        2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          Except for the women and her daughter stabbed in the UK last week where all the papers talked about how she had left him and that made him lose his mind and he was lovely and kind and not like him. And every rape case of a women ever questions what she was doing, what was wearing, did she know, did she lead him on.

        3. Donal

          I disagree that the court ruled for the victim.
          The behaviour of the victim prior to his death was not on trial.
          The actions carried out by the defendant in causing the victims death were on trial.
          The jury decided that based on the evidence that she was guilty of his murder, she undertook actions of her own free will that resulted in his death, and she knew that the outcome of her actions would be his death.
          The fact that her defence used a story about harassment to justify/explain her actions and that the jury decided that there was no justification for her actions does not mean that the harassment story wasn’t true.
          I don’t know whether it was or not, and I’m not trying to say it was, and even if it was that still doesn’t justify her actions.

  9. Serv

    Eh if my secretary was there tell her to get the fvck back to work, and return that handbag to the shop she stole it from.

  10. DrainBamaged

    My mother always reads these type of articles. There are some people that this interests.

  11. Clampers Outside!

    If you support a piece of research that says when a woman has sex after having a drink taken, and that research classes that sex act as a rape even though both partners are consenting, then you cannot hold the double standard of saying it’s not rape when applying the same rule to the world outside that study.

    It’s either a study with real application or it’s bullpoo! Supporting the study means you believe it and the application of the results to the real world. That means you support the definitions of rape contained in the research.

    With that in mind, I take great exception to being accused of saying that another commenters husband raped them when I never said such a thing. I clarified the issue with holding the research up as true, while at the same time denying the application of the definitions of rape in the research is wholly wrong, by any standard.

    And doing so is one the most disgusting bits of double standard and misandry I’ve seen in a long time.

    I am not an MRA, I’m just sick of the bullsh*t

    1. dan

      Is this the AAU paper? Because if it is you’re wrong about what it says. A lot of people are, but it doesn’t say what you think it does and shouldn’t be applied the way you’re applying it.

  12. Turgenev

    Did either of the men describe what they interpreted as flirting? Would be handy to know so women can avoid this dangerously attractive behaviour.

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