33 thoughts on “Can’t Someone Else Do It?

  1. Sido

    Can’t someone else do it – as in empty the bottle banks – good question – if we are said to be into a society that believes in recycling.
    You will find this sort of thing nationwide though – sometimes its easier to just stick your bottles in the trash rather than sticking them in the car and going down to the bottle bank – finding its full, going to the next bottle bank – finding the same. Then going back home and sticking them in the trash. You can often save a lot on car fuel this way.

    1. Wayne.F

      Or turn the car around, drive to the manned estuary recycling centre 5min from this photo where full bins are never a problem

        1. Wayne.F

          Closed, on Bank Holidays and Sundays but open 8am – 20:00 every day and 8am – 18:00 Saturday.

          1. Robert

            Ah, explains it. I’d imagine if I was overworked and underpaid, and rearing a family the bank holiday might be my opportunity to get down too. Don’t see the issue as when the bottle man comes he’ll clean it up, as is his job. I suppose “somebody” might have had the foresight to schedule a collection before the weekend, but then again maybe that somebody was on holidays – it being the holiday season and all – the SCANDAL!!!

          2. Wayne.F

            Yeah I imagine, someone else could rear your kids as that is probably their job too, rather than your responsibility! Great attitude, the same attitude that leads to fly tipping, sure its the councils job to clean it, or you know to ignore the signs on every bottle bank that ask that cardboard and plastic not be left there. Or maybe trying one of the multiple recycling centers in the area, off rathbeale road, or down near apple wood for example. Or maybe just maybe holding your bottles in the corner of the house for a few days and trying again at the 24 hour drop center here.

          3. Cup of tea anyone?

            Robert. I think you are getting the bin men confused with the garbage men from the Simpsons.

    2. Wayne.F

      Or couldn’t the people with the bottles drive to the manned estuary recycling centre 5min from this photo location? Always empty bottle banks and full recycling facilities for the cardboard boxes and bags too

      1. italia'90

        And those people you over looked with no access to transport or are incapacitated, will you pick them up on your way?
        The estuary recycling facility is one of the benefits of living around Swords.
        It is always busy, well run and never a hassle. *Hat tip to the Recycling centre management
        A Fingal county funded recycling collection service for glass, metal and newspaper/cardboard once a week or bi-weekly would be very welcome for those of us who recycle the sh one T out of our disposable waste.
        My black bin goes out once every 2 months! Yes I am that good at recycling. Could do better too I’m sure. 2 adults and 2 Kids(National School age)
        There is no need for 6 40 tonne trucks driving erratically around me estate every week either too.
        Seriously WTF! Who thought that was a good idea?

      2. Sido

        I suppose it begs the question – why bother with bottle banks at all when we could all just pop down to the manned manned estuary re-cycling centre unless its a Sunday or a Bank holiday?

  2. Disasta

    In our local everyone has a wheely bin for glass that’s collected once a month.
    Does everyone everywhere not have a wheely bin for glass that’s collected once a month?

  3. italia'90

    Honestly, it’s 2016 and we still don’t have a meaningful and implemented recycling policy for our major urban populations, never mind the rural communities.
    There is an off-licence less than 20 metres from those bottle banks and a large multiple retailer another 30 metres away.
    Why can’t the sellers of alcoholic products contribute to the recycling of the packaging?
    Why can’t the brewers and distillers who subsidize everything from tiddlywinks to Galway tents subsidize the obvious issue here and the more than obvious opportunity for them and our local authorities?
    As said above, find the dam then follow the money. Quite sickening when you analyse it critically.
    It is very solvable!
    Can Dan Boyle write an article about that for a change please?

    1. some old queen

      Why can’t the people who are paid to empty these banks just do their friggen job?

      People go to the bother of sorting waste and transporting to the banks yet nobody can be assed picking it up from there. Doesn’t exactly encourage recycling now does it?

      1. italia'90

        There is doing their job, and there is making maximum profits from poorly planned distribution.

    2. veritas

      the retailers you refer to are already paying for the recycling, it’s not their fault if it is not done.

      1. italia'90

        The retailers will do what they are legally obliged to do.
        I blame the markets.
        They are usually the solution to all our other social , economic and environmental problems.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    That’s bad citizenry right there.

    Lazy, selfish, inconsiderate.

    Just wait until later in the week instead of directly after the weekend of binge drinking.

    1. Sido

      So your solution would be to have good citizenry instead? And would these good citizens not use glass?

      Here’s mine – Empty the bottle banks for the citizens we have already got!

  5. Cup of tea anyone?

    Are people still surprised that the bottle banks are full on a bank holiday weekend?

    It is great that people go to the effort to bring all the glass to the recycling center but that doesn’t mean it is alright to just leave the rubbish on the ground.

    Next they will be surprised the bins at the beach are full when the weather is great.

    1. Deluded

      People would be bringing in dirty bottles to the shop. Then you have jam jars and tat, they are better off in one spot, if only the banks were emptied at key times- ie, every single bottle bank in Ireland in the week before a bank holiday. I do not have stats.
      A bounty on sweet wrappers and drinks bottles would be an idea though…

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