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From top: Mick Fealty; William Campbell

In the latest episode of William Campbell’s Here’s How podcast (recently nominated for an Irish blog award) William meets veteran Northern Ireland journalist Mick Fealty, founding editor of Slugger O’Toole.

William writes:

Mick says the short-term effects of Brexit are being overestimated but the long-term effects are being underestimated. Will unionists really flock to get Irish passports?


Listen here:

Slugger O Toole

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3 thoughts on “Plenty O’Toole

  1. seany_delight

    This is really the wrong time for a minority government – our eye will be off the ball here at some stage. I have no confidence in the ability of our policymakers and negotiators to take advantage of the situation, or even just achieve a fair deal.

  2. jimmy russell

    the british government need to either ignore the result or have another referendum democracy was stolen away from the people it’s no different from when hitler came into power

  3. fluffybiscuits

    They will be backed into a corner and of course will want to have an Irish passport. How else will they all get to holidays in Magaluf?

    The Celtic jersey Dutch Gold drinking readers of Slgger can moan all they want ….

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