The Fix Is In



Donald Trump labels Clinton ‘the devil’ and suggests election will be rigged (The Guardian)

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62 thoughts on “The Fix Is In

  1. Fully Keen

    I find myself unfollowing people on Twitter. Every 20-30 minutes people are telling the same Trump jokes. It’s like some kind of illness.

  2. Eoin

    She rigged the Democratic selection process. There is no doubt about that amongst Bernie supporters. They’ve been protesting outside the convention. RTE were there. Failed to report that half the people attending it left to protest. But why expect western media to do it’s job? We’re not getting the full picture here folks. And if she rigged the Democratic selection process then why not rig the entire election? Wake up folks. Time to put aside the normalcy bias. Because this is happening.

    1. Wayne.F

      Tin foil is on special in Alidi this week, you want me to send you some. I am Sure Donald J Trump, will do everything ethically, and legally, as he has a history of doing.

      1. Sido

        It’s not on special this week. So your first part of your comment is wrong
        But that’s not your point is it? The point is you are too complacent to even consider the possibility and prefer ridicule to analysis, in the serious matter of democracy.

        1. Nigel

          The point seems to be that people are conflating genuine concerns about the vulnerability of the process with the DNC favouring Hilary over Sanders – not edifying, but not the same as a fix – and the flailing opportunistic posturing of someone so scared of being seen as a loser he is trying to bully the US electorate into submission. It’s hilarious that anyone truly believes Trump’s statement has anything to do with actual concerns about election-fixing, particularly after recent findings about Republicans deliberately targeting black voters to deny their voting rights AND the release of those DNC emails by hackers in an effort to benefit Trump. But there you go.

          1. Sido

            Keep calm and carry on – eh Nigel. Oh and ignore the evidence if it doesn’t suit your personal prejudices.

          2. Nigel

            Better than wrapping them one in one big indigestible mash and setting fire to it and using that fire to fuel the campaign of an outsider alternative candidate orders of magnitude worse than the ordinarily indefensible business-as-usual candidate. People who sneer at the idea of keeping calm – Trump seems like the kind of guy who’d benefit from a lot of blind panic all right.

        2. Wayne.F

          Sido, or I recognize that in my opinion the system for electing a US president nominees bye the major is incredibly flawed and has been since day one. That this election and nomination process is no different to all that have gone before it.

          I prefer ridicule to analysis? The irony, Trumps entire campaign is based on ridicule, and lies or the distortion of fact and analysis to portray a message he feels will get him elected. I mean the most media covered election on the planet, a process where any little flaw is exposed, (See democratic email leaks as an example) and Trump would like people to think that Hillary and Bill can rig an entire election with nobody noticing. I prefer ridicule in this case because the scrutiny that US elections are held under would logically show any fraud almost instantly.

      2. f_lawless

        @Wayne F the rigging of the US elections was even the subject of a HBO documentary from a few years back called “Hacking Democracy”. Here’s a clip from it where a computer programmer is testifying in court that he coded computers to rig elections:
        Do a bit of research before you resort to lazy “tin foil hat” put downs otherwiise you’ll just come across as an uninformed fool!

        1. Wayne.F

          It’s on YouTube it must be true! Considering the thousands of people required to organise an election only one is fixing the whole system

          1. f_lawless

            Wayne, you’re way too smug for your own good! Why would you need thousands of people to keep secret the original source code of the software which runs on the electronic voting machines used in the US? – machines which don’t print out a paper receipt for the voter so that the votes could also be tallied and compared to the electronic results?
            In regards to the video I posted, here’s the wikipedia page of the speaker, Bev Harris
            Seems like her credentials are sound enough to me:
            “Original investigative work by Harris has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS..etc”
            “Her work to expose security weaknesses in electronic voting systems.. was featured in an HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy.. which was nominated for an Emmy Award”

    2. Tish Mahorey

      RTE’s Washington correspondents are always compliant little boys and girls who serve the US government, not the Irish public.

    3. Bob

      “We’re through the looking glass here, people!”

      Sorry, I know you’re right, but that Simpsons quote popped into my head when I read the post..

      Thing is, rigging a nomination and rigging a presidency are two very different things. That’s not to say it can’t happen (Bush/Kerry is proof of that), but they don’t have to rig the election. Trump doesn’t actually stand a chance. He’s alienated himself from too many people.

          1. Martin Heavy-Guy

            “Trump doesn’t actually stand a chance.”

            Wish you were right there Bob, but don’t doubt the xenophobia of an entire nation. Keep in mind that nearly 50% of the US population don’t vote in their elections. The remaining 26% that Trump needs only need to be white enough and belligerent enough.

    4. Owen C

      “And if she rigged the Democratic selection process then why not rig the entire election?”

      Probably cos they’re very different things?

        1. classter

          They are.

          The primaries are run by the parties & despite all the attention attract the votes of less than 9% of American adults. Each of the states has different primaries, run under different rules.

  3. Sido

    No. He may have a point – After all we’ve seen it in Austria recently.

    There’s a bit of something nasty brewing about the rigging of the democratic primaries against Bernie. Apparently the exit polls in many states did not reflect the actual results.

    One comment I read earlier this morning –
    There were discrepancies between the unadjusted exit polls and the recorded vote benefiting Clinton in 24 of 26 primaries. It would be the same as Clinton winning 24 of 26 coin tosses. It’s nearly mathematically impossible.”

    Another – I’m to thick to understand but get the general gist –
    “Twelve of the states had discrepancies that were way outside the margin of error (as much as 8%, 10%, 12%, 14%). The probability is 1 in 77 billion according to Richard Charnin, a mathematician and author of two books on election fraud. Our State Dept. would have not certified those results if they had occurred in other countries. An investigation and recount would have followed”.

    1. Shelbyville Manhattan

      “It would be the same as Clinton winning 24 of 26 coin tosses. It’s nearly mathematically impossible”…Or literally the second lecture of any statistics module where the Gambler’s Fallacy comes out.

      1. gorugeen

        Utter rubbish. Coin toss are independent events every time. These polls are connected events with increasing weight As time goes on. Apply Bayesian theory and you’ll see just how different the two are.
        Just saying…

        1. some old queen

          Bayes’ Theorem is a means of quantifying uncertainty. Based on probability theory, the theorem defines a rule for refining an hypothesis by factoring in additional evidence and background information, and leads to a number representing the degree of probability that the hypothesis is true.

          I personally found the probability theories of discrete maths to be so discrete that I concluded they are clear proof of alien existence on Earth. Although I did pass the exam by regurgitation funny letters.

          1. Martin Heavy-Guy

            Apply Murphy’s law quickly. It’ll all definitely go wrong, so let’s just go to the pub.

    1. Harry Molloy

      I remember when Obama got in, he told everyone to get to the streets, that this cannot be accepted.

      If he says the same as a candidate then there could be real trouble. A dangerous fella.

      it’s bloody fascinating though

  4. Nigel

    It’d be nice to think this is Peak Trump but we’re really just getting warmed up, aren’t we?

    1. Sido

      The interesting bit comes if he gets elected, will he manage to change anything? The direction doesn’t particularly matter. Any observable change does. Just as any observable lack of change does.
      Or will it just be the same neo-liberal, neo-con BS.
      That’s the bigger picture.

      1. Nigel

        I expect he could do a lot of things to make life difficult for a lot of people. Heavily polluting industries are rubbing their hands at the prospect of dismantling the EPA, insurance companies at the prospect of dismantling the ACA, and those alone will not be opposed by Republicans in Senate or Congress. Whether they’d go along with his carefully thought-out economic policy of less taxes more spending will depend on how craven they are, and so far they’ve been pretty craven. All these things will make life miserable for a lot of mostly poor and lower middle class people. But reap huge profits and savings. Success!

        1. Sido

          “Reap huge profits and savings” – Open your eyes Nigel. we’ve had the post racist era president for eight years now. So hey lets all vote for continuity globalist neo-con hedge fund funded, glass ceiling shattering ex-presidents wife. There’s no way she’s an evil cow (unless you’re from Libya, Syria or the Ukraine).
          The public should demand more of the same success story – unfortunately they’re to moronic to understand how fortunate they are.

          1. Nigel

            Which success story? I actually can’t penetrate the sarcasm to track what you’re saying here at all. I agree with a lot of the non-crackpot criticism of Clinton. She’s still better than the vainglorious multiple-bankrupt swindling man-child who literally just threw a mother and baby out of his rally. See? I was right about not hitting peak Trump yet.

  5. jimmy russell

    trump is literally hitler for the 21st century if he is going to win then the election needs to be rigged america needs Hilary she is going to be an amazing president despite what a few bitter misogynists and conspiracy theorists say.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      HiLIARy is lucky to be up against someone she could possibly beat.
      – Although you could say the same yjing about Trump.

    2. Tony

      it would be so much easier to take you seriously if literally anything you said made sense and if you tried to use punctuation hope you dont mind my pointing this out but i can see your laziness is bleeding into other commentators and thats when u gr8 on me nurves

      1. Bob

        He’s not meant to be taken seriously. He’s trying to be edgy and suck people into replying to him. That’s his stick.

        It’s like the posts with the guy in the coat, nobody wants them but we’re stuck with them forever.

  6. ahjayzis

    It’s all smoke and mirrors really. Once he has Congress burnt to the ground and blames Hillary he’ll be swept to power in a wave of vengeance.

    He’s such a precious, whiny, spoiled little bitch he’d actually want bloodshed in the event of a loss.

    1. Neilo

      Nah, that would be far too much work for Don. I pity the voters that have to pick between Trump and that gaping-mawed beast in a trouser suit.

    2. Sido

      Ahjaysis – There’s really only one good reason for voting for a repulsive and disgusting egotist like Trump ……..

  7. Junkface

    All of Trumps strongest abilities are to get as much media attention possible, usually via a reality TV show. He stirs things up to create an atmosphere of pettiness and bitching. Thats all he’s got! He has no political ideas, no realistic plans, everything he says are his plans come off the top of his head! He’s got nothing! He doesn’t really want the job and thats why his son offered both foreign AND domestic policy management to John Kasich recently if he accepted the VP role. Its ridiculous! Trump just wants to be a mouth piece for America and hire someone else to do the actual job.

  8. DubLoony

    Terrific site with latest poll info.

    Trump doesn’t have the cash, ground team or infrastructure or experience of Clinton. He knows he’s in trouble & setting up the scenario now for why he lost. There is something seriously wrong with the man.

    Picking on the mother of a dead soldier is just one of the most pathetic things he’s done. US worship their military (a cause for concern) veterans support organisations have all come out to her defense. John McCain’s full letter is well worth a read.

    1. Kieran NYC

      The insecurity is palpable from him. He’s the loudmouth verbal bully in school who never actually gets physical with anyone because he knows he’d be creamed. Sarah Silverman said it best when she talked about his lack of “human touch or coping tools” as a child.

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