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  1. Hammertime

    The editor of Joe was on Today FM this morning saying that it had come down immediately. Didn’t match the ‘core values’ of Joe

  2. Barry Higgins

    The editor of Joe.is was on TodayFM this morning saying they’ve taken down those ads.

  3. Starina

    the “you’re not popular, you’re easy” one is disgusting, too. welcome to the 21st century, sprite.

      1. Nigel

        The ad is basically saying it’s like drinking a big fizzy bottle of STDs, Not sure it’s that great, to be honest.

      2. Tish Mahorey

        “your easily offended.it’s a great ad.”

        It’s for idiots. Basic and requires no mental agility.

  4. MoyestWithExcitement

    Jesus! That’s not some small classified ad at the back of a newspaper that could be easily missed by newspaper staff either. There’s no patriarchy? Fupp off.

    1. ahjayzis

      Patriarchy is such an ineffective, imported, progressive-bubble phrase.

      This is slutshaming, double standards and ambivalence towards women having sex – it makes more sense when you don’t use bubble terminology.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        It’s a word which symbolises the notion that men run everything and frequently treat women as less than 3 dimensional human beings. Also lots of people, including 1 or 2 here, deny its existence so I’d say it’s quite effective.

        1. ahjayzis

          Which is why it’s so ineffective.

          This is stand-out misogyny, the split personality that wants to have sex with women but is disgusted by women who enjoy sex – but threads like this get dragged into debates about the concept of patriarchy which just obscures the entire point.

          It’s like turning a discussion on a specific bank eviction into a wrangle around fiat currency.

          I’ve never heard a quicker way to lose an argument or cement the resolve of the other side than to utter words like “check your privilege” – because it’s not an argument, it’s a polite way to say shut up.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            “but threads like this get dragged into debates about the concept of patriarchy which just obscures the entire point.”

            No, it *is* the point. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. There’s a reason everyone involved thought it was acceptable. Pretending otherwise is just being a reactionary. Anger is fine, but it needs to be refined.

          2. ahjayzis

            Re-directing anger from specific, identifiable instances of injustice or offence back towards society at large in a nebulous way, at a nebulous notion, is the opposite of refinement. It’s the equivalent of calling a death by negligence in a hospital a ‘systems failure’ – the system is at fault, ignore the details.

            You take down problems, systems of oppression, anything really, stone by stone and brick by brick, you don’t stand back and blow air at the wall.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            That’s a nice analogy but ultimately redundant. You need to find out *why* people do what ryey do in order to deal with it. Getting angry at this specific instance and talking about it on its own, without considering the wider context, might make you *feel* good, but it will achieve nothing.

          4. Tony

            I love the way you two SJW’s are now arguing about the terminology of SJW’s. Thank god, I thought i was the only one to find it confusing. Two baldies over a comb… IS baldy ok?

          5. ahjayzis

            Let’s take a collective decision to ignore that sad fupp above, Moyest ;)

            He’ll soon go back to pleasuring himself over illegal porn or whatever he’s spending his allowance on these days.

            I think if the gay rights movement had started out with that perspective, that we need to tackle homophobia broadly and understand it’s causes and what not, we’d not be where we are today. Because I still don’t understand homophobia, yet it’s been overcome. All the battles were won on the micro level, personal stories and situations, not a great big societal debate over lofty notions of heteronormativity.

          6. Tony

            Its cute how easy it is to expose the hate in both of you. Pair of shrinks, and ye are only 12.

          7. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Let’s take a collective decision to ignore that sad fupp above, Moyest ;)”

            For now. T’is fun poking him, like.

            “I think if the gay rights movement had started out with that perspective, that we need to tackle homophobia broadly and understand it’s causes and what not, we’d not be where we are today.”

            I think what brought us to where we are today though is media. Gay people were more and more presented as 3 dimensional human beings so wider society eventually began to see them as normal people who just happened to prefer willies as opposed to sneaky deviants. The odd ‘fupp you’ helped, I’m sure but as a supplement to the overall soft approach of gradual change.

            “All the battles were won on the micro level”

            For the people involved in each specific battle, yes but for Johm and Mary sitting at home listening to Joe Duffy, all those battles are presented to them in a macro narrative.

          8. RTE


            ‘Normal people who happened to prefer willies’

            In fairness, Very clumsy, sexist words from a gay there. Half of all gay people ignored. No love for Lesbos? Shame.

      2. dan

        Can you expand on this a bit? Genuinely curious, afaik “patriarchy” goes back as far as Abraham, and isn’t a term invented by feminists or other egalitarian groups, it’s the name chosen by patriarchs themselves.
        I’m curious as to why you’d reject the term ‘patriarchy’ but think ‘slut shaming’ doesn’t have the same problems.

  5. Constance

    Well the campaign certainly worked for them anyway. Company creates controversial ad campaign. People get upset, generates more free publicity then the campaign alone would have.

    1. Steven

      People get upset, generates more free publicity, people think Joe.ie and Sprite are pricks, sales fall.

      Job done.

    2. coco

      It’s not even good controversy. It’s not like they’re talking about someone specific, are they?

    3. Nigel

      That’s certainly going to be the adperson’s argument, but why would you believe an adperson?

  6. Tish Mahorey

    Reminds me of those dreadful Club Orange ‘Bits’ ads which probably ruined the brand image in the long run. They were really really cheap and nasty.

    The result of “Market research” apparently. Clearly a brand manager with no vision or cop on.

  7. Harry Molloy

    is that ad meant to have any relevance to anything or do they just think it’s a funny thing to say? I’m not getting it, how it’s related to or meant to sell the product

    1. Caroline

      It’s a pretty obvious message. Diet Sprite won’t turn you queer. Give it a try, marvel at your intact heterosexuality.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        The hashtag is ‘brutally refreshing’ and each line is about shaming women. It’s a campaign aimed at emotionally fragile and usually ugly looking fellas who think there’s some secret liberal PC inner cabal that forces everyone to speak respectfully about women so anyone that doesn’t is being “honest”. Those shut ins are being told Sprite is on their side.

  8. Kerri Ann

    I like how they’re moronic enough to wreck the timing of a joke even when it’s written down. “She’s seen more ceilings WAIT FOR IT than Michelangelo.” That is terrible delivery.

  9. Caroline

    No such thing as bad publicity. The lads will be queuing up now to neck this drain juice! They’ll be like, remember what happened to Milo, then something something Diet Sprite? Hey I don’t care, at least a Trump presidency will be interesting *belch*

  10. PhilJo

    The Trump school of cheap exposure,
    1. Steal pantsSay something outrageous
    2. …
    3. PROFIT

    where 2 is don’t spend on advertising instead bask in the publicity of the debate generated by 1, it assumes the all publicity is good publicity nostrum is true and it’s certainly cheaper than paying for ads (even gets through ad-blockers by being the feature itself!!)

  11. Murtles

    Sprite – We have no idea’s to advertise heavily sugared water so stick that in your end-o.

  12. Owen

    Genius really. Everybody talking about Sprite and even some radio coverage.

    Sprite = the New RyanAir

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      No no. Very different this. Talking about charging people to use the jacks on your plane is not the same as telling women that they’re not popular like they think and are actually just lowly sluts. Very different. This wouldn’t have been planned to get attention either.

      1. Owen

        What about increasing the size of the chest of your logo to appeal more, or having a calendar for sale of your best looking air-hostesses, or generally just understanding that bad publicity is still publicity.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Bad publicity for crassness and sexism for a low cost airline with a reputation for comimg out with crazy crap to get attention is still publicity. Bad publicity for an FMCG brand with lots of competition and presence in family markets for calling women sluts is bad publicity.

  13. Constance

    Wait does this mean we won’t get to see the her.ie opposing campaign now? This displeases me!

  14. Andy

    Free speech anyone?

    Not that great an ad but certainly not worth getting upset over. Unless you’ve nothing else to be doing.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Free speech means you can’t het arrested. Did anyone suggest people be arrested. Calm down. Stop getting so upset at people criticising offensive speech.

    2. ahjayzis

      Andy, maybe you didn’t mean it like this, but are you suggesting you have a problem or a disagreement with some of the other commenters on this thread?

      Because you can’t do that.
      We have free speech too.
      That means you have no right to free speech in relation to us. Now kindly stop using your free speech to pass comment on our free speech passing comment on Sprite free speech, k?

      Also my freedom of religion means you’re staying home Sunday.

      1. Andy

        Actually that’s a very good point.

        The irony of my post was lost on me.

        Touche BS readers.

  15. jimmy russell

    this is rape, there is no other word for it, the man responsible for this hate crime against women needs to be reported for hate speech against women immediately

    1. pedeyw

      What is your deal, Jimmy Russell? You seem to have a genuine problem. You should discuss it more.

  16. Mulder

    More sh oneT, from sprite, sprite zero, taste, not just the drink which tastes like sugared water with the slightest hint of lemon or lime.
    Mind you sugared water is not an easy sell, so.

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